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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great experience always! Greg has been to our home several times to service our windows. He is very friendly and professional! Greg knows exactly what to do and goes the extra mile to satisfy his customers! October 17, 2013
Unsatisfactory repair quality Asked technician to check all Milgard windows, one window was not checked and the window lock was not fixed. Need to recall technician for re-work. October 16, 2013
True customer service. Quick, efficient no questions asked service. Exactly what "true" customer service is!!!! October 16, 2013
Better than expected. Very thorough. I was amazed at how these 2 men worked so well together. They were quick and efficient too. My only advice would be to tell the person on the phone at the office, exactly where the window is located. We could have used a 2 story ladder on the inside of the house over the staircase. Result, the window was not able to be washed of fingerprints when done. Great job otherwise! October 16, 2013
My experience was not good with this comapny Upon installation of our windows and doors, we discovered that one of our French doors and the handles were broken. I contacted Milgard regarding the problem. It has taken 5 months to replace these doors and locks. There were several people who looked or should I say "assessed" the problem, even though it was already assessed prior. The representatives came, time and time again, not actually doing anything. Customer service called several times to schedule these appointments and let me know that someone will be coming. One time they came and left as they did not have the product with them, and the other time, they had an appointment with us but did not show up. Just this past Saturday, a competent installer came and finally took care of the problem. I waited 5 months and my security was jeopardizes as we had no working handled and locks on those doors. My doors were held closed by a man's pants belt. I feel that the whole experience was very unprofessional and did not cater to the client needs. Even at the end, right before they came to finally install the door and handles, customer service could not give me an accurate time as to when the installer will come. They said they would call me the day before to give me a time, but no one called. Very dissatisfied with this whole Milgard experience. October 16, 2013
Awesome We had two windows that needed work, and while both issues were not resolved on the first visit, Milgard made it right in the end. Very easy process from start to finish. A++ October 16, 2013
Honest Company that backs its products Milgard backs their products even if they are not in warranty. When we need windows this is the only company that will be called because of this type of old fashion service and respect for the customer. October 16, 2013
Prompt and courteous service, professional and friendly. I give Milgaard the best of the best ratings. Thank you for correcting the issue of a window that was defective promptly after I noticed and reported it. I would continue using Milgaard services, and I would recommend them to any and everyone. October 16, 2013
great company to work with the service rep has always been pleasant . the installers have always been pleasant and careful and clean up after themselves. always takes a minimal amount of time...Great Company, stand behind their product. October 16, 2013
Very Speedy Service I will recommend Milgard windows to all my friends. The window replacement was such an easy and quick process. I am very satified. If I ever need to install windows in a house again 100% guaranteed I will use Milgard. October 16, 2013
Great Product I have severe osteoarthritis and the sliding 4 sliding glass doors and windows suited my needs perfectly. I love these products. October 15, 2013
Great service Our technician, Jessie, was awesome and the service was great and we will be recommending and using Millgard for any windows and door services for ever. When you think of customer service Millgard is a cut above the rest. Thank you for restoring our faith in true customer service and a great product. October 15, 2013
Slider Fixed Milgard has always been there to fix whatever issue we've had with our windows. And the response and service is always in a timely manner. The in home rep was friendly and very easy to work with. He replaced the broken part and explained how it happened. Simply put....WE WOULD NOT ONLY PURCHASE MILGARD WINDOWS AGAIN...WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEIR FAST REPAIR SERVICE IF EVER NEEDED! Thanks for the friendly service. October 15, 2013
Very quick response Thanks Milgard for the speedy service. My wife recently had surgery and our patio door locked itself shut on a Sunday afternoon. Having three dogs and only way to the back yard was through this locked door was not a good option for my wife taking the dogs through the garage to the back yard. I call Pat Monday morning and explained the situation. Within an hour she called me and said the technician would be out later that day. I was expecting to hear it would be a couple of days. The technician was professional and took care of my looked door and put a new lock and handle on as well. I never write reviews, but you guys really took care of us. Thank You!! October 15, 2013
experience was excellent The phone followup and the service tech that came to our home was all handled with professionalism and timeliness. This experience has reassured me that we made a good choice using milgard as the replacement windows solution in our home remodel job. October 15, 2013
Very professional. Exceptional service. What I expect! I have been a longtime customer of Milgard products and their warranty and service are just a couple of reasons I like them. October 15, 2013
Happy with the service Right before I bought my house last year, the pervious owners had several Milgard windows replaced as they had lost their seal. However in the last big storm, one of those windows leaked badly, allowing a significant amount of rain to come in through the window. I anticipated a battle to get Milgard to fix it since it was out of warranty, but they were very accommodating and agreed immediately they should repair it. Unfortunately the first time they offered me wasn't until more than 3 weeks away. Since this is the Northwest, and it is October, and it could rain at any time, AND the failed seal on the window meant if I pressed slightly on the window I could create a gap big enough to stick my finger through, I pressed them on the date. The rep contacted the repair person who happened to be in my area. He was able to come out the same day. He arrived promptly, and got the window out, seal removed and replaced and back in in less than an hour. He was very courteous and apologized for the initial offer of a repair time so far out. He explained they were down a person and were getting lots of calls. I'm just glad they were so accommodating in repairing the window, and that they could get the job done in a timely manner. Nice job! October 15, 2013
I was very impressed. He was there early and completed his work quickly. The service rep was very respectful and did his job professionally. He even replaced a lock on a slider that was not on his work sheet. Thanks for the great service. October 15, 2013
Very professional! The Milgard folks were very professional from the initial request submission through installation. October 15, 2013
Great Milgard representative Jaimie was very professional and personable. Did a very accurate and quick job. October 15, 2013
Not so great. The technician who fixed the window was great! However, getting him there was a struggle! It took several months, from the time I made the initial complaint,to get him to the job site. It was very disappointing and frustrating. October 15, 2013
Unbelievable service in this day and age! The service rep must have made me his first call because he was here promptly @ 11 a.m., which I appreciated, as this was a day off. He knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it. We also discussed getting a key lock. If he had known I had wanted one, it could have all been accomplished in this service call. My fault for not asking sooner, but very glad we had the discussion. Could not have been more satisfied with his knowledge, professionalism and courteousness. He also had to put up with my friendly dog. October 15, 2013
Prompt, professional and courteous The Milgard crew were prompt and courteous. They replaced a large window in about 10 minutes, with no trace of any repairs to the window or surrounding area. Excellent service! I highly recommend Milgard! October 15, 2013
I'm quite happy with the service. I sincerely appreciate the Service Tech taking the time to determine that I needed additional windows replaced. October 15, 2013
Warranty window replacement After 7 years I had some problems with some of the original Milgard windows. The warranty was honored and the work was quick and wonderful. Very happy with Milgard! October 15, 2013
Excellent products and service Not only is your product/products superior, your service and personnel who serve the customer are superior. I've had your windows and French doors for over 20 years and never had a problem until a worker in my home didn't close the window properly. Your service person was respectful, courteous and an excellent "problem solver". I not only highly recommend your products but your unfailing service. My husband and I are so grateful!!!!!!!!! Mucho gracias, Calgal October 14, 2013
on-time, excellent work the service technician was very professional. I also liked the fact that the service center sent out a confirmation with a picture of the tech and contact info before hand. My issues were promptly resolved and the technician even went the extra yard and looked at all my windows and corrected a situation I didn't even realize would become a problem in the future. October 14, 2013
Understand the details of Milgard's "Lifetime Warranty" We own a home that has all Milgard windows. One was defective and the seal broken. It looked horrible, and the Low UV treatment on the inner dual paned surfaces was broken down and deeply etched into the glass. I hired a professional window cleaner who told me our window was defective and that it would need to be replaced. There was nothing that could be done. He called Milgard's office in CA, and I did as well. We never received a return phone call. This was in May, 2013. In September of 2013, I called the Corporate office in Washington and spoke with a lovely lady there who put me in touch with our local rep in Simi Valley, CA. Then I spoke with the local manager who arranged a technician to come out and see what could be done. He did, and because we are not the ORIGINAL owners of the home, the lifetime warranty does not apply to us. This window is worth $500 to replace. Milgard would not replace the window without charging me for it. I paid a little under $250 to replace it. SO - while I am pleased to have a new window, the Lifetime Warranty only works if you are the original purchaser of the window. Happy our problem was finally addressed after waiting four months. Thank you Carol in Washington for your help, as well as Jilliane in Simi Valley for following up. Thank you, Ruben for replacing the defective dual paned window. While I do not agree with the fine print of Milgard's "Lifetime Warranty," I am pleased to have a new window and sincerely hope we have no further issues. October 14, 2013
Refused to honor warranty. When we purchased our home,one of the selling point was the Milgard windows with 10year warranty to second home owner. One of the large picture windows developed condensation between the two layers. The current warranty is 10 years for second owners but they will not honor the current warranty on windows made prior to 2005. Our home was built in 2004 but not occupied until 2005. Milgard would not offer even a partial warranty on a very expensive window. In fact they wanted to charge me $150.00 to even have someone look at the window when it is clearly a defective product. Beware of this company! They do not stand behind their product and everything is not as it appears in their advertisement. October 14, 2013
Better than new I had three windows that had gradually become difficult to operate, starting a few months after installation. I just learned to live with it, sometimes hanging off the window to close it. Finally after eight years I decided to call the local dealer. He determined it was a factory issue. The tech easily made them operate better than ever, in fact more smoothly than all the other windows in the house! He also undertook a more complicated repair on a fourth window, and showed the dealer tech what he was doing in a very professional and supportive way. I have the highest regard for the professionalism of the people I spoke with on the phone, and the tech who made these windows all better than new! October 14, 2013
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