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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great service I waited several weeks for a service tech to be in my area, but it was not a problem since none of the repair issues were urgent. The tech called the morning of the repair to let me know he was running a little late even though he still arrived well within the window of time I was expecting. He completed the work quickly and precisely without leaving any mess behind. He was friendly and professional. November 17, 2013
Perfect, just perfect! If only all companies would live up to their promises the way Milgard has done there would be a lot less anxiety when making a major purchase. From the first phone call reporting our issue, to the prompt and immediate appearance of a representative to investigate our issue, to the technicians that showed up when they were supposed to and finished their work ahead of schedule, to the absolute clean cut, friendly and professional people we came in contact with....everything was as it should be when a company promises after sale service. Milgard, you are amongst the very few companies that I have enjoyed doing business with. Thank you, thank you very much for keeping your promise. November 17, 2013
Susan Morris had a repair technician out within several days of our email via Milgard's website. The lock on our patio door broke rendering the door completely unusable. Susan Morris the repair technician fixed this very quickly. Service like this really keeps Milgard in mind when friends and family ask for recommendations when it comes to windows and doors, and we always recommend Milgard. Thanks! November 17, 2013
This service was great I called Milgard after my sliding window door broke. I was very happy with the support I received from the Milgard team. A service technician came to my house and removed the broken glass and closed the door which still had one pane intact. This was a big relief because we are subjected to frequent high winds in my area. My only concern was the length of time it took to deliver and install the new door. However, I am very happy with my new door. Thank you Milgard and your team. November 17, 2013
mixed feelings I appreciate the fact that Milgard supports its product to the extent that repair or replacement is guaranteed for any defects or problems. The actual service tech work was timely and good. However, I was less satisfied with the customer service prior to the work, with no response to my initial message and postponements of my service call before the work was done. November 17, 2013
what about They were an hour late, I have to pay to have someone there. They were asked to replace the rubber strips on the bottom of all the doors. They did not. Are they coming back, are they going to replace? November 16, 2013
Satisfied with service On home techs were very efficient, courteous & professional. Phone service to set up in house service was average. November 16, 2013
I was pleased! Thank you for standing behind your promises!!! I would not buy anything else! November 16, 2013
Very disappointing. We had two sliding glass doors installed but they did not close properly. We called Milgard and scheduled a rep to come out. We found out that both had the tracks installed backwards. Although this had caused our installer additional time and our tenant to be present for the rep to come out, the Milgard Superintendent said that they have quality control but can't catch all the defects. When questioned that we would get two with defects, he said they have hired some new employees and maybe they weren't trained adequately! He said that the installers oftentimes took them out and reinstalled them properly. I asked him if that is their responsibility. When I reiterated my concerns about something being done he said this would be brought up at the weekly meeting and the supervisor of that shift would want to make corrections because of their bonus! No mention about wanting to get the problem rectified because that's the right thing to do! Seemed very blasé' and not very trained in customer service. He gave me the phone number of a manager who is in Hawaii to follow through with, not I'll take your name and number and have him call us to take care of our additional request. Very disappointing interaction overall. November 16, 2013
In home service was great! Service Tech called beforehand letting me know he would arrive early. He was professional and respectful. Finished the job quickly. New windows look great. November 16, 2013
Very satisified with the service and guarantee Very pleased that they stand behind their windows. I will continue to purchase Milgard windows just because of the guarantee as long as you own your home. Service technician was very nice and performed the work efficiently and quickly and very professional. Thank you Milgard. November 15, 2013
Great service! We had a window with a faulty seal, and it was replaced on November 11. The service tech came on time, was very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. We appreciated this and love our new, clear window! November 15, 2013
Excellent service a little too often. For whatever reason, it appears 2002 was a bad year for windows as I've lost seals in all but 6 windows. The good news - as original homeowner Milgard warrants for life. When I've called for service, the response was great. No arguing or trying to talk me out of something, just a helpful person taking my info and setting up a home visit. Folks that show up are very professional, courteous, and quick. None of the new windows have shown any problems to date (the first are a couple years old now). The service, both initial and installers, was great. November 15, 2013
Great service! Technicians arrived right on time - were friendly and did a great job. Very happy with the service I received. November 15, 2013
frosted window We had a frosted window and got tired of looking at it. Milgard fixed it under warranty and the service was prompt and professional. November 15, 2013
It was quick and precise. Just a few suggestions for your young man: When parking in someone's business/home he might want to park straight into driveway and not park diagonlly across the entire parking area. Further since I am chemically sensitive service people are usually less fragrant. I forgot to put that in the request. However, I realize that most people don't control there detergents and fabric softners. He was there for a very short time and we will see how the window reacts when the temp drops. Thanks for the quick service. November 15, 2013
Thank you! I want to thank you for excellent service. The Service Tech had the window replaced and done within 20 minutes. I'm very pleased and will certainly recommend in the future. November 15, 2013
Excellent Service Your product is excellent, service is great and warranty is excellent. November 15, 2013
Excellent Service During installation of my garden window, it was noticed that there was a scratch on the glass. This was reported by the installer and was replaced by Milgard in no time and was done by professional service personnel. I would highly recommend Milgard windows to my friends. November 14, 2013
Milgard comes to service our doors and windows with no hassle, and does a good job. We had a tricky problem to solve and they were willing to work with us to figure it out! Very pleased. And, when our house settles, they happily come out and re-adjust our french doors. They really stand behind their product. I'm glad our contractor recommended them! November 14, 2013
Definitely was impressed on the response and professionalism I've been in my new townhome for over 10 years and had to call for a window replacement. It was easy and convenient with no hassles. The service tech was here at the appropriate time, and was professional, and quick. The only negative comment I can add was that I had to wait about a month for my window replacement. November 14, 2013
Milgard is number one! I have had two window seal failures since the house was built in 2006. Both times the Milgard folks received my work request and sent the service techs out to fix the problem. No mess, no fuss. Worth the money. November 14, 2013
Excellent! Highly recommend! The techs were on time. They very quickly fixed the problems I had called about and then proceeded to inspect our other Milgard doors and windows to be sure they were adjusted and working perfectly! The kitchen window that I had to close with both hands now glides closed with a gentle pull of one hand! Thank you Milgard! November 14, 2013
Service was fast and clean. Milgard sent picture of service tech that would arrive and an estimated time. Tech was prompt and considerate that my cat didn't escape out the door. Tech was fast and window looks great. November 14, 2013
A great window is backed by great service I was pleased to experience the efficiency and ease with which my windows were repaired for the minor issue of floppy weather stripping. The dryness, heat and cold of the high desert challenges windows and Milgard meets the challenges. I have 20 windows and strongly recommend the windows and the company. November 14, 2013
Outstanding product and service! Couldn't be more pleased with Milgard quality and the company's service policy. We received an email confirming the service appointment and a followup phone call the day before. The service team was professional and arrived on time. They were very courteous, knew their product, and were able to repair or replace the damaged parts to our satisfaction. Thank you. November 14, 2013
Quick, friendly. Well done. Only thing I would point out was that the bathroom curtain and rod were not put back; simple thing for me to put back though. Not a bother, more a FYI. Thank you. November 14, 2013
Excellent Andrew did a great job and explained what he was doing. Thank you. November 14, 2013
Home Service was Excellent! The Service Tech who came to my home to repair my windows was on time, efficient and professional. Would not hesitate to use them again! November 14, 2013
The service rep was early which was great. The service rep was early which was great. I love the email before the appointment with the reps picture. He provided outstanding service & looked at other windows that were not on the list & fixed them for me. Top 2% of service I have ever received. Thank you Milgard November 14, 2013
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