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Milgard Essence Series patio doors are the perfect companion to Essence Series windows. Essence doors combine the durability of a fiberglass exterior and the beauty of a veneered wood interior in Pine or Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir.

Available in French swinging, with or without operable sidelites, and French-style sliding door models. Essence Series doors are available in any of our designer exterior colors.

With many available options to choose from, and built to your size and specications, your patio door can truly be your own.

Milgard Essence In-Swing and Out-Swing patio doors feature designer hardware, a multi-point locking system and operable sidelites.

Open up your living spaces to the outside with Moving Glass Wall Systems. Our stacking and pocket glass wall systems are available with a rich, warm solid wood interior to complement Essence Series windows.Learn More >


Coordination and consistency are important to a well-designed home. That’s why we offer our patio door hardware in three distinct styles with the same finishes available for Essence Series windows. Door hardware finishes can be mixed or matched for interior and exterior.

color grid
French swing door handle
French Swing Door Handle
Sliding patio door handle
Sliding Patio Door Handle
Optional French swing door handles
Optional French Swing Door Handles

You’ll enjoy peace of mind with our industry-leading Full Lifetime Warranty that also includes parts and labor for as long as you own your home. Essence also features Glass Breakage Coverage to protect you from life’s little mishaps. Should you ever need warranty service, Milgard is near you with our own factory-trained technicians who will personally address any warranty issue. So you can rest assured that your windows take care of you while we take care of your windows.

Every Essence Series window is designed and assembled in the U.S. and custom made to your exact size and specication with no additional lead times.

Essence Series® Wood Patio Doors 4.1 5 38 38
Poor quality The door machanism does not work properly. These are very expensive doors and have not worked correctly. Very disappointed with quality. December 24, 2013
Beautiful Doors These outswing French Doors are beautiful. Make sure to get specifics on operable sidelights and screens. We were told sidelight screens were included but apparently they are not. November 14, 2013
Excellent Cusomter Service I had a problem with window closing after 9 years of use. The rep David Vargas came out and determine the problem right away with professional knowledge and insight. I highly recommend using Milgard's and will buy their product again. November 5, 2013
Fantastic product Milgards products are top notch! We have been installing Milgard windows and doors for 10 years. Never had a problem with Milgards products they are simple to install and extremely well made! My clients love the warranty. Northern California Contractor October 5, 2013
Cloudy again The people at Milgard have all been great. The person I scheduled installation with and the guy who came to install were very nice and courteous; however, a large number of the replacement windows that were installed, less than 2 months ago, have already clouded up again. I will have to call those nice people again. September 29, 2013
Glider Window Review -- Smoothly operational Our Essence Glider windows are fantastic. We love the one-touch automatic locking feature that comes with Essence. We love that Essence has the special chamber in case of outside water that keeps our interior wood frames dry. The windows are very solid and close smoothly. We could not be happier with them. Also, we highly recommend the Pure View screen upgrade option since you cannot see the screen at all. Recommended especially for windows you spend a lot of time in front of with a view. They are delicate and were damaged on install but now that we have them replaced are fantastic. September 20, 2013
Essence Casement Windows -- very nice could use slight improvement We love having casement windows--check with the installer to have all open same wall same direction to catch air flow better. These make for a nicer view since there is no middle bar. I am disappointed in the hardware latch though since it is of a plastic nature (seemingly not nearly as durable as our other brand casements) and seems like it could crack over time. We love the Milgard lifetime warranty though so that should this happen we expect we can get it replaced easily. September 20, 2013
Window hardware could be better We ordered a picture window with a casement window on each side to replace an old single pane aluminum window assembly in our living room. The windows were unfinished douglas fir. The overall quality of the window assembly is adequate, but we had a few surprises. Some parts of the window (the side of the window that covers the casement latches) are not solid wood, but are a thin veneer over fiberglass. The window latches and the trim around the latches look like metal, but are plastic, as are the covers for the casement cranks. We discovered this when the plastic latch and trim on one of the two casement windows broke right after installation. The folks that sold us the window said that Milgard would send replacements, but we haven't received them yet. On a separate note, Milgard doesn't provide much information about finishing the wood window. Some of the wood components are fairly difficult to access for finishing The company seems to focus primarily on architects and contractors. Overall we are happy with the look and operation of the windows but wonder if another brand of wood window would have been a better choice. September 18, 2013
Window I really am unsure of the windows I have but I appreciate the warranty service. Our problem was taken care of promptly and without hassel. I would recommend the windows based on the fact that you really do back up your product. September 11, 2013
Dependable company great product I have been buying Milgard windows for 30 years for new construction and remodel projects. The look and utility is excellent. I trust the product and trust the companyl September 11, 2013
Excellent post sale services. Our windows are Vinyl Classic, a higher end than others then made but no longer offered. Excellent service post sale. September 10, 2013
I am so pleased with Milgard product, their service and warranty. although it was difficult to communicate via email and limited phone call, i received the best service and replacement of all troubled areas relating to windows throughout my home. thank you to the customer service call center, to the workers and all involved to assist me with my windows! September 10, 2013
This product is difficult to use I find closing and latching this door hard to operate. Moving the handle up to latch the door securely is awkward for both my wife and me. It is not intuitive to first time users, guest. September 10, 2013
great product and excellent customer service I've been very happy with the windows that were installed at our house. The house is noticeably warmer and it's easier to open the windows when the weathers nice. We had a kitchen window crack possibly from extreme cold and they replaced it no questions asked. The first time the window they sent out wasn't an exact match so they came right back a day or so later and made it right. Quality product and great service! September 10, 2013
this windows really has a good featurres the windows is really awesome we really like it but the sliding door and the screen is not really good dos not have good feature the screen is not closing and the in side look so cheap the hardware very skinny not look good at all so we will not recommend this door to any one . September 4, 2013
Beautiful inside and out. The quality in the design and construction of the window is superb. It is noticeably cooler and quieter in my rooms. Take care that you have reputable installers so that the trim is installed correctly to complete the finished product. You will find yourself admiring your new windows for some time. I did. August 1, 2013
Love the look and the way they glide.. Love these windows to death, will brag about them to every one I know. Also would like to say that the men who installed them were very professional, and very nice. July 12, 2013
These Awnings are Awesome! After installing a Milgard Essence glass front door with which we could not be more happy, we proceeded to order our new windows. We were so pleased to to see that our new awning windows were so well packaged for delivery. Milgard made the xtra effort to ensure they arrived in great shape for our installation. Our windows are quite large yet they operate effortlessly as the hardware is strong and efficient. Inside and out these windows add beauty, warmth and value to our home. We could not be more pleased and will continue to use Milgard Essence as our only source of windows in the future. March 22, 2013
Windows leak and whistle when wind is blowing Purchased 6 Essence double-hung windows because of the wood appearance at local showroom. Visually the windows look great. Unfortunately, shortly after installation the first wind storm arrived and I immediately heard a whistling sound coming from the windows. Not just one window but all 6 windows had the same issue. We have had subsequent wind storms and each time the windows have the same issue...leaking and whistling. While waiting on service we have had to resort to minimizing the leaking and whistling by inserting folded strips of paper in every slit between the window/glass and the frame. We have noticed that as soon as the wind kicks up the rooms where these windows are located become drafty and cold. Hoping that service can come up with a solution... and soon! February 20, 2013
the windows are beautiful and well insulated I am unable to give a complete review of the Milgard Essence series, because although the windows are beautiful and well constructed we have had some problems which have not been resolved. The company and the installer have been willing partners to work with in attempting to fix the problem, but it is not yet resolved 6 months after installation. Our windows were installed in Aug. 2012. more than 50% of them had some substance either between the glass or on the outside of the window. After multiple attempts at washing it off, several of the windows were replaced. We still have some affected windows, but at this time of year the angle of the sun is such that the imperfections are not visible. Next summer, we anticipate that the problem will be resolved, most likely by replacement of the defective windows. We have no reason to believe that either Milgard or the installer will not continue to honor the unique lifetime warranty that comes with Milgard windows. I can't emphasize too much that the level of support has been flawless. Hopefully I will be able to write another review next summer that will be unequivically and completely positive. January 25, 2013
This is a beautiful, well built window. We are very pleased with the Essence windows installed in our home. The quality of the window is outstanding and the beauty of the clear grain fir interior of the has added a warmth and richness to our home. January 2, 2013
Excellent windows Most notable to me is the quality construction of the windows. We purchased a total of 9 windows and each one worked perfectly. The locking mechanism is pretty much automatic and the movement is precise. We had one flaw with a bent frame on a window screen and true to our contractors opinion, it was replaced promptly, no questions asked. Thanks Milgard. December 19, 2012
oversized Milgard Clasic Vynl Garden window Many kuddos to Express Window Services for their professionalism and flexibility. As well, they performed a beautiful installation without a mess during or after their time here. Thank you for referring them to me. I will use them again as needed as well Milgard products. The new garden window is beautiful and functional. November 15, 2012
Best exterior of any brand! No ugly clad seams. Our first job with Essence was a huge 8 ft by 7 ft triple double hung with a 1/3 barset. Wow it looks great and is the smoothes acting window ever. The customer loves it and even came back in just to tell us how great it is. The exterior finish is a painted wood look (We used the green exterior to match the customers existing 1940's windows). It is not the clad aluminum or vinyl coatings the other brands use. We are now using it in a 1911 historical restoration as well as for an upgrade in a newer home. Thanks Milgard, Dave D.P. Door Co. Rancho Cucamonga & Claremont Calif. November 5, 2012
The size of our windows makes them very difficult to close and lock The windows we purchased and had installed are very difficult to close and line up to lock. We were not warned before purchase that because of the size and style of our window it may be difficult to close them. Also Milgard has outside contractors order and install its windows. Which i think hurts your buisness because i think i would have been informed a head of time about the difficulty of closing this style of windows when deciding which product was best for our house. November 2, 2012
Quality, Service and Price I researched the market for 2 months looking for the best American window that was 1. not plastic or wood 2. had thermally broken glazing system 3. triple pane 4. had real gaskets. 5 sadly my client wanted double hung We're Rocky Mountain Passive House. We normally don't use any American made windows in our buildings. They're not good enough. When compromising overall u-value and going American, Milgard fiberglass is the best price, performance of any American made window. The ultra double hung, triple pane, t &t, is just better quality than the other big manufacturers. October 24, 2012
nice windows but.... a challenge to open because it lacks that lip at the bottom of window to grab onto to pull window up. Very frustrating! there's one at the top but we shouldn't have to always pull up blinds to open a window. Also I have yet to be able to shut completely enough to be able to lock it. Must not be properly installed. August 22, 2012
Product "Great" - Support "Not So Much" The product came as advertised, however there was NO DOCUMENTATION WHATSOEVER! Because I had NO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, I did not know the wood clad interior trim could easily be removed to drill the screw hole for installing... so I drilled through the trim and then had to fill and repaint. Only with the 3rd large window did a trim accidentally come off and I learned it was removable. Several hours wasted. A balancer spring snapped on 1 window, like a rifle shot. I was surprised it did not shatter the window or injure me. This led to the discovery that all the balancer springs were the wrong size and needed replacement. Milgard sent subcontractors to do the work. They missed the 1st appointment time, and did not have the right parts the next 2 times, finally getting it right after about 2.5 months. I am very pleased with the product for the price (I am a licensed building contractor). I would never consider Milgard again if I depended on their service and support. Lack of documentation and unprepared technicians is inexcusable. April 2, 2012
one window easily came off track. i like the windows installed, i love the thickness of the glass. March 30, 2012
Bad Design The windows are constructed great. Wood stain looks great. Absolutely horrible design of the screen mounting for casement windows. Makes it impossible to mount our shades inside the window frame. It looks like we need ot mount them outisde thuse covering up all the stained wood we paid extra to have and match our house. Had we known this we could paid half the price for simple fiberglass windows. Very disappointed in spending the extra money for these. Also poor design of half round. The casement was only 2 inches thich. Had to order a custom casement for the additional 2 inches for a standard wall. Hopefully all the kinks are worked out with the design as they move along with this new product. Shows not to be the first on a new product February 6, 2012
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