Out-Swing French Doors

Enjoy the traditional beauty of a real French door. An out-swing French door is typically where inside space is at a premium. You get all the interior/exterior definition and grand view of a French door in a model that opens out, not in.

When deciding to use an out-swing French patio door, it is important to ensure there is enough room for the doors to swing out without exterior features, such as a deck rail or fixed planter.

An out-swing French door is a great way to:

  • Open up a room to the outdoors
  • Bring in more natural light
  • Add an entry that looks beautiful from both the inside and the outside of your home
  • Maintain usable space on the inside of the door

An out-swing French door has wider stiles and rails than a traditional sliding door. This makes them an especially appropriate choice for traditional architectural styles and wherever a more classic patio door is desired.

Look for Quality

Choosing an out-swing French door is different from choosing an interior French door because the patio door will be exposed to the elements. When buying an out-swing French door, consider the following:

  • Frame Materials — Consider durability and maintenance. Some of the best materials from a durability and low-maintenance point of view include vinyl and fiberglass. If your door will not be protected from the elements, such as with an awning, you should consider a more durable frame material.
  • Operation — Check to make sure the door seals tight and the locks engage.
  • Security — Examine the locking system. Hardware selections vary, and the best doors will feature quality hardware. Locks should meet or exceed local forced–entry code.
  • Hinges — Look for heavy-duty hinges that are preferably adjustable to allow for vertical and horizontal panel adjustments.
  • Energy Efficiency — Make sure the out-swing French door you buy is well insulated and comes with the appropriate energy-saving glass to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Grids or no Grids

For a multiple–pane look, an out-swing French door can often be ordered with a variety of grid options between the panes of glass to give a multiple pane look. Interior and exterior snap-in grids are available and can create an even more authentic look of a door composed of individual lites.

Every window and door purchase is different. Get pricing information and estimates on your project.

Out-Swing French Doors are available in the following series:

Wood Doors

Essence Series® Out-Swing French Wood Doors
Essence Series® Wood doors re-imagined. Essence Series windows have greater energy efficiency, superior durability all with a warm, traditional style. View Details

Vinyl Doors

Tuscany® Series Out-Swing French Vinyl Doors
Tuscany® Series Our most popular vinyl sliding glass door provides a substantial wide frame for a traditional look. Also available in French-Style. View Details

Fiberglass Doors

Ultra™ Series Out-Swing French Fiberglass Doors
Ultra™ Series A traditional French door look with the superior durability, strength and weather resistance of fiberglass. View Details
WoodClad™ Series Out-Swing French Fiberglass Doors
WoodClad™ Series The durability of fiberglass on the outside and the warmth of wood on the inside. View Details
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