Craftsman/Bungalow Architectural Style

California bungalows and craftsman bungalows were variations of an affordable housing type that swept across America in the early twentieth century. These homes used double hung and casement/awning windows with larger profiles and interesting grid patterns (often just at the top of a picture window). This architectural style is known for having many windows and abundant light. Many of these homes have wood features that the windows may match or complement. Fiberglass windows and French patio doors with wood interiors are an excellent choice for replacement windows and doors in these homes.

Craftsman/Bungalow Recommended Windows

Double Hung grid windows in combination with casement/awning or picture windows help create the patterns that Bungalow style houses are typically associated with. Bungalow style houses typically have ample light, and combinations of larger grid windows provide plenty of natural light.

Craftsman/Bungalow Recommended Doors

French patio doors with wood interior offer the durability of fiberglass with the classic Bungalow style of wood interiors. In addition, the grid lines and extra lighting to coordinate with Bungalow/Craftsman window styles.

Craftsman/Bungalow Recommended Series

Craftsman bungalows offer the perfect canvas for Essence or Ultra Series windows and doors – offering a broad range of styles to put the finishing touches on a Bungalow style home.

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