Ranch/Split-Level Architectural Style

Today, these Ranch/Split-Level homes are often called mid-century homes as they were most popular in the middle decades of the twentieth century. They often contain very large sliding glass and picture windows. Many were built with sliding glass doors leading to patio areas.

Ranch/Split-Level Recommended Windows

Large picture windows fit the Ranch/Split-Level style of home very well. They are in line with the design of large areas of glass to let in light as well as staying in a more contemporary style. The Radius window is also a great addition to any Milgard window adding dramatic effect.

Ranch/Split-Level Recommended Doors

Ranch/Split Level homes were often built with large patios – sliding patio doors are the best solution for transitioning to the outdoor patio area while still maintaining a beautiful entry.

Ranch/Split-Level Recommended Series

Windows and patio doors can be more contemporary with this style of home. Grids are often very simple, if used at all, which makes Tuscany our recommended series for this style of home. Tuscany windows offers a broad range of operating styles and features – able to be custom made to your home.

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