Spanish/Mediterranean/Stucco Architectural Style

Influences from Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries combine with North American ideas to create a Spanish/Mediterranean style of home. These range from older homes with small windows and large doors topped by arch windows, to new-style Mediterranean homes that have larger windows, use banks of windows and employ much larger arch windows. Grid patterns create an illusion of multiple panes. Use careful attention to design a grid pattern that complements the rest of the home. French swinging or French-style sliding doors are best for patios.

Spanish/Mediterranean/Stucco Recommended Windows

New and older Spanish/Mediterranean/Stucco style homes can all benefit from the utilization of arch window styles in their design. These arch windows complement the lines and pattern of the home as a whole. A large picture window can also be used in conjunction with the awning window as a finishing touch.

Spanish/Mediterranean/Stucco Recommended Doors

French Patio doors – either swinging or sliding are the best type of patio doors for this style of home. They maintain the ingrity of the style while ensuring a functional and sturdy option.

Spanish/Mediterranean/Stucco Recommended Series

Milgard WoodClad series complements the wood trim and coloring often found in Spanish/Mediterranean/Stucco style homes.

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