Patio Door Operating Styles

Like windows, patio doors come in many architectural styles. They can be simplistic in appearance to emphasize views. Or they can be works of art in their own right, admired for aesthetics and form. Whether you choose classic French doors or opt for an expansive multi-panel design, our patio doors will add light and beauty, security and peace of mind.

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Sliding patio doors open by sliding along horizontal tracks at the head and sill.
A French-Style sliding door has the appearance of traditional swing French doors, with wider stiles and rails, while functioning as a sliding glass door.
In-Swing French Doors open to the interior of a home and maintain usable space on the outside of the door.
Out-Swing French Doors open to the exterior of a home and maintain usable space on the inside of the door.
When fully open, the glass panels slide into the wall pocket and completely disappear from view.
Bi-Fold Glass Walls operate with each panel folding on top of the adjacent panel to open.
Milgard Stacking Glass Walls open up by sliding large glass panels on top of each other, flooding the room with natural light and fresh air.