After your project – A little time and patience, investing in the joy of new windows.

The windows are installed, the workers are out of the house, and everything is perfect, except...

Few are the jobs that don't have some small issue after they're complete. Your contractor may ask you to put together a punch-list of items that you've found incomplete or that need additional repair or attention. Don't put off writing this list. The sooner you check each window and patio door for items that need attention, the better.

Get to Know Your New Windows

If your new windows and patio doors came with care and maintenance instructions, take a moment to read them over. If you keep a list of basic household maintenance chores, add them to it. You might want to create a file for these instructions, and keep it wherever you store product information.

You also should take the time to educate yourself on the warranty. The warranty should be kept with any receipts from the project and stored in a safe place. (See our Warranty Comparison brochure for comparable manufacturer's window warranties.)

Happy with the Work?

If you're happy with the work and your contractor, be sure to let friends and acquaintances know, particularly if they're interested in having similar work done. People always appreciate such word-of-mouth recommendations. And it's a great way to repay contractors for a job well done.

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