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For new home construction and larger additions and remodels, you may be using an architect. Architects stay current with the latest trends and codes, and can offer solutions to a variety of issues that come up with regard to a particular site, building limitations and budget restrictions. They are a great source of information on how windows and patio doors can effectively take advantage of natural light, enhance views, improve design and increase energy efficiency.

A good architect can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Architects offer money-saving solutions. They can often suggest ways projects can be built more efficiently and economically through better design.
  • Architects solve problems. Whether it's a difficult site or a long list of "I wants," architects are trained to develop solutions that meet their clients' needs and that use the latest cost-effective techniques and products.
  • Architects see the big picture as well as the details. They make sure specific needs and codes are met. If, for example, more energy-efficient windows are recommended, architects can adjust insulation and HVAC requirements accordingly.
  • Architects understand windows and patio doors. They specify them for houses on a daily basis to help people maximize views, reduce a building's heating and cooling load, improve ambient light and increase curb appeal. They also stay current on the latest innovations in windows and patio doors.
  • Some architects have won energy or window-related awards. Look for these when making your selection.

To find an architect in your area, start by referencing your local chapter of AIA or remodeling counsels.

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