Architect Manual

(cross section drawings in PDF format, standard configurations, product details)

BIM Files

CAD Files

Product ConfigurationsPDFDWG
O 1 3/4" Z-bardownload 350KB filedownload 379KB file
O 1 3/8" Setbackdownload 351KB filedownload 371KB file
O 1" Setbackdownload 349KB filedownload 365KB file
O 2 1/4" Z-bardownload 351KB filedownload 373KB file
O Block Framedownload 344KB filedownload 361KB file
OXO 1 3/4" Z-bardownload 390KB filedownload 453KB file
OXO 1 3/8" Setbackdownload 390KB filedownload 454KB file
OXO 1" Setbackdownload 389KB filedownload 443KB file
OXO 2 1/4" Z-bardownload 391KB filedownload 450KB file
OXO Block Framedownload 384KB filedownload 439KB file
OXXO 1 3/4" Z-bardownload 399KB filedownload 473KB file
OXXO 1 3/8" Setbackdownload 400KB filedownload 459KB file
OXXO 1" Setbackdownload 399KB filedownload 461KB file
OXXO 2 1/4" Z-bardownload 400KB filedownload 477KB file
OXXO Block Framedownload 394KB filedownload 446KB file
XO 1 3/4" Z-bardownload 375KB filedownload 418KB file
XO 1 3/8" Setbackdownload 376KB filedownload 416KB file
XO 1" Setbackdownload 375KB filedownload 425KB file
XO 2 1/4" Z-bardownload 375KB filedownload 419KB file
XO Block Framedownload 369KB filedownload 393KB file
XOO 1 3/4" Z-bardownload 388KB filedownload 432KB file
XOO 1 3/8" Setbackdownload 388KB filedownload 439KB file
XOO 1" Setbackdownload 388KB filedownload 439KB file
XOO 2 1/4" Z-bardownload 388KB filedownload 444KB file
XOO Block Framedownload 382KB filedownload 424KB file

Combinations and Mulling

All Milgard windows and doors are built to your specifications. So while we're showing a few sample combinations, there are literally hundreds of products to combine and ways to combine them. A Milgard Certified Dealer can help you explore the possibilities.