Architect Manual

(cross section drawings in PDF format, standard configurations, product details)

CAD Files

Product ConfigurationsPDFDXFDWGPDFDXFDWG
3626: French Style, 2 Panel OX - WoodCladdownload 110KB filedownload 2MB filedownload 539KB filedownload 106KB filedownload 3MB filedownload 778KB file
3626: French Style, 2 Panel OX, Z-bar - WoodCladdownload 119KB filen/adownload 2MB filedownload 114KB filen/adownload 2MB file
3626: French Style, 3 Panel OOX - WoodCladdownload 119KB filedownload 3MB filedownload 687KB filedownload 107KB filedownload 3MB filedownload 889KB file
3626: French Style, 3 Panel OXO - WoodCladdownload 121KB filedownload 2MB filedownload 580KB filedownload 110KB filedownload 3MB filedownload 734KB file
3626: French Style, 4 Panel OXXO - WoodCladdownload 124KB filedownload 3MB filedownload 677KB filedownload 108KB filedownload 3MB filedownload 858KB file
3626: French Style, Single Panel Fixed O - WoodCladdownload 99KB filedownload 2MB filedownload 644KB filedownload 97KB filedownload 3MB filedownload 657KB file

Combinations and Mulling

All Milgard windows and doors are built to your specifications. So while we're showing a few sample combinations, there are literally hundreds of products to combine and ways to combine them. A Milgard Certified Dealer can help you explore the possibilities.