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AAMA Window and Door Installation Instructions

Milgard is a charter member of American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Our replacement and new construction windows and doors comply with and use AAMA's installation instructions. For window and door installer instructions, how to, step by step and installation guides download a PDF below. (These instructions are for review only. Please contact a Milgard representative if you need a hard copy of the installation instructions.)

New Construction Installation

AAMA 2400-10: Standard Practice for Installation of Windows and Doors with a Mounting Flange in Stud Frame Construction (1.31M pdf, read only)

Replacement Installation

AAMA 2410-13: Standard Practice for Installation of Windows and Doors with an Exterior Flush Fin over an Existing Window Frame (.99M pdf, read only)

Field Installation Instructions for Milgard Vinyl Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors - Flush Fin: Step-by-step instructions with photos on how to remove previous doorways and install new flush fin sliding patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors - Mounting Flange: Step-by-step instructions with photos on installation of a mounting flange sliding patio door in new construction.

Swinging Doors Installation Guide: Step-by-step instructions with diagrams on how to install a swinging door.

Essence™ Series Exterior Trim Installation Instructions

Brickmould Installation Door

Brickmould Installation Window

Brickmould Integrated Door

Brickmould Integrated Window

Flat Casing Integrated Door

Flat Casing-Flush Joint Installation Door

Flat Casing-Flush Joint Installation Window

Flat Casing-Integrated Window

Flat Casing-Miter Joint Installation Door

Flat Casing-Miter Joint Installation Window

Sill Nose Installation Door

Sill Nose Installation Window

Stucco Key Installation Door

Stucco Key Installation Window

Stucco Tape Guidelines

Stucco Tape Guidelines: Guidelines for use of stucco tape with painted vinyl and/or fiberglass products.

Installation of Winkhaus Locking Hardware for Fiberglass Patio Doors

Winkhaus Installation Guide: Step-by-step instructions with photos on how to install Winkhaus locking hardware on fiberglass patio doors. [Note: This hardware is no longer available. These instructions are being kept here as a helpful reference.]

Installation Masters™ Training Opportunities

Take advantage of the Installation Masters™ Training and Certification Program. This nationwide training and certification program was developed by AAMA for new construction and replacement installers of windows and exterior glass doors in residential and light commercial markets. Milgard provides many of the accredited instructors.

Milgard's Involvement in AAMA Standards

To help develop consistency in measuring the contributions of window materials to green building standards, Milgard is participating in these AAMA task forces:

  • Fiberglass Material Council Green and Sustainability Committee
  • Vinyl Material Council Environmental Stewardship Committee
  • Green and Sustainability Specification Development Task Group
  • Green and Sustainability Committee
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