3D®/3D MAX® Energy Packages1

Many Milgard products are designed to meet and exceed ENERGY STAR® qualifications. To take energy performance a step further, we offer two energy efficiency packages with superior levels of efficiency: 3D® and 3D MAX®.

The two energy packages address energy efficiency through the three dimensions:

  • Frame
  • Product design
  • Glazing unit

Components in a package can include such innovative technologies as:

Milgard's two energy packages take the guesswork out of determining how to get the desired energy efficiency. Using these packages, Milgard can:

  • Vary selection of quality components by geography to perfectly match windows and doors to a region's climate.
  • In addition to geographic location, consider factors such as home design and site orientation when determining the right windows and doors for a home.
  • Tailor components of our energy-efficient products (glass coating, frame design, spacers and gas fill) to produce ideal windows and doors for a particular home.
Energy Efficient & Sustainable Windows & Doors | Milgard 3D® & 3D MAX®

Milgard 3D/3D MAX energy packages deliver:

  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Superior protection for your furniture from damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Superior comfort in every season
  • And, if desired, superior protection from outside noise pollution (available in packages that include EdgeGardMAX).

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These energy packages are available on Tuscany® Series, Montecito® Series and Style Line™ Series vinyl windows, and Ultra™ and WoodClad™ Series fiberglass windows in most markets. See your dealer for information about availability in your area. If a package is not available, your Milgard dealer can provide information about alternative energy-saving features.
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