Essence Series® Wood Windows

When Milgard set out to create a better wood window, we re-imagined just about everything. Essence Series windows are now the wood window of choice for homeowners, architects and builders; and a popular choice for new construction, renovation and remodel projects and historical restorations.

Featuring stunning wood interiors and durable fiberglass exteriors, these windows surpass wood, composite and clad windows in performance and beauty.

Essence Series Windows — Because quality never goes out of style.

Elegant Design

  • Essence Series® windows and doors are available in 15 designer exterior colors, all powder-coated finishes for outstanding durability.
  • Your choice of warm natural wood interior in clear vertical grain Douglas Fir or Pine — or choose primed pine interior. Either way, Essence windows can be stained or painted to any color.
  • Get creative with grids. Select from 3 grid styles in your choice of widths in standard or custom patterns, all designed to complement a full range of architectural styles.
    • Flat
    • Sculptured
    • SDL
  • Essence windows come in these operating styles and can be used in virtually limitless combinations thanks to our innovative mulling system. You can also combine picture windows with operating windows that will have the same profile and construction as the operating windows.
    • Double Hung
    • Horizontal Glider
    • Picture — Casement/Awning Picture, Double Hung/Glider Picture, Transom Picture
    • Radius
    • Casement
    • Awning
    • Sliding Patio Door
    • Swing Door
    Picture windows are available in casement and double hung frames that create a clean, consistent look when used in combinations.

Essence Frame Accessories

  • Milgard introduces Essence Series Frame Accessories — frame trim kits specifically made for Essence Series wood windows and doors. These beautiful and durable aluminum frames are a snap to install, and with no painting required, your trim labor (and expense) is greatly reduced. Plus, there are no visible fasteners or holes to putty, giving the windows a clean look.
    Essence Frame Accessories are all factory finished for a perfect color match with the window and are available in all Essence exterior colors. Colors can be matched to the window, or a coordinating color as an accent. They won’t need painting and will not rot, split, crack or warp.
    With all the combinations available, Essence Frame Accessories will complement virtually any style of home. And your customer will enjoy years of virtually maintenance-free trim surrounding their Essence windows and doors.
    Essence Frame Accessories are available in Flush or Mitered joints in Flat Casing or Brickmould.
  • Door hardware
  • Standard charcoal fiberglass non-corrosive mesh screen. Optional extruded color-matched screen frame with internal corner keys and PureView™ fiberglass mesh window screen. This screen’s smaller yarns and finer weave (up to 30% smaller openings than standard screens) delivers clear, clean views and improves curb appeal.

Durability —– The story behind fiberglass.

What is fiberglass? It’s a composite structural material consisting of fiber reinforcements, typically glass, bound together in a resin matrix. Used in many applications from household fixtures (tub surrounds) to car bodies and aircraft fuselage. By using fiberglass as a structural core and exterior, Essence Series windows are strong, durable and easy to maintain in any climate.

Milgard’s own fiberglass pultrusion process enables us to make the complex profiles required for the exterior look of painted wood windows. Because fiberglass is known for its strength, durability and performance, Essence exteriors:

  • Are scratch, dent and impact-resistant
  • Unaffected by time or temperature
  • Impervious to water, cold, & heat
  • Withstand the corrosive effectives of salt air and pollutants

Our proprietary powder-coat process uses a similar electrostatic technique as the auto industry to produce baked-on, sag-free, extremely durable exterior finishes that:

  • Resist scratches and gouges
  • Provide better color stability that withstands the construction process and weathers well
  • Takes paint easily with excellent adhesion

Essence Series windows and doors have an exterior coating so tough, an AAMA Gold Label Certification is expected upon completion of testing.

Superior construction and performance

Essence Series windows and doors have the energy efficiency advantage with Milgard’’s 3D® and 3D MAX® energy packages which maximize performance with innovative SunCoat®, SunCoatMAX®, Low-E coatings and EdgeGard™ or EdgeGardMAX™ spacers. (3D MAX availability is based on region.) There is also a wider glazing pocket for further energy efficient customization (such as triple glazing).

Taller sash stop on casement windows accommodates heavier hardware and enables windows to carry additional weight of triple glazing and other additions without additional bracing or exterior arms and limiters.

New integrated water drainage system ensures any moisture that might get into a window frame drains out and never touches wood components. Hidden weep system provides clean exterior appearance

A patent-pending secure connecting system combines wood and fiberglass parts for an extremely weather-tight window that operates smoothly and easily, and simplifies repairs. This Low Thermal Transmittance is a natural insulator because it won’t conduct heat or cold, has minimal condensation and is promotes homeowner comfort. Because of this connecting system, there will be no unsightly nail holes or staples.


Essence Series windows and doors can play an important role in obtaining the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System™ (LEED) certification. By optimizing energy performance, increasing ventilation and using low-emitting materials, paints, coatings and recycled content, Essence Series can contribute to your LEED rating.

  • Lowest embodied energy while providing the longest life expectancy
  • Requires limited use of resources
  • Low pollution levels emitted during the manufacturing process
  • Made from silica sand, an abundant natural resource readily available almost everywhere
  • Embodied energy to extract glass from sand and convert raw materials into finished fiberglass is relatively low.
  • Aluminum requires heating up to 1700°F while vinyl requires up to 425°F, and fiberglass, 200°F or less.
  • Sustainable painting process uses no solvents, sprays or drips, produces little or no VOCs, recycles overspray, and yields very little waste (disposable as solid waste).

Ease of Use

Essence features the award winning SmartTouch® Lock system on double hung and horizontal sliding windows. A classic spoon lock is also available for homes with traditional architecture. These windows also have integrated tilt latches recessed into the sash to keep a clean look. Casement and awning windows have sleek and elegant nested operator handle and sash lock.

The Benefits of Choosing Milgard

Homeowners will benefit from the Full Lifetime Warranty standard on all Essence Series windows and doors. The Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty includes parts and labor for as long as the homeowner owns the home. It also includes Glass Breakage Coverage and if warranty service is ever needed, Milgard will send local, factory-trained Service Technicians for repairs. Compare this warranty to a typical fiberglass warranty of 20-years or a 10-year warranty on wood windows, and a 10-year warranty on the glass.

Building our windows and doors and servicing our customers locally means shorter lead times and no extra upcharges. With one of the nation’s largest window and door companies nearby means good service to your clients long after you complete the job.

No matter the size or complexity of your order, Milgard will provide professional support, knowledgeable staff and well-trained dealers to help you through each phase of your project.

Essence Wood Windows Essence Wood Windows Essence Wood Windows
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