Quiet Line™ Sound Control Windows

Noise pollution is a fact of modern life. But that doesn't mean you can't give clients quiet homes even in noisy locations. One solution is Milgard® Quiet Line™ insulated windows.

Poorly performing windows are a major culprit when it comes to exterior noises making their way into a home. Sound transmits through vibrations that spread out in all directions and penetrate wherever there is air space. Many sound-reducing glazing systems are rendered ineffective if there are air leaks around the glass or frame.

Sound Control Window

Milgard's Quiet Line insulated windows put a stop to air leaks to provide:

  • Superior sound control performance1
  • Energy efficiency
  • Weather protection
Incoming Sound Waves

Quiet Line windows advantages:

  • Admit 30% less noise than our already quiet standard windows.
  • Use same high-quality vinyl compound and attention to detail all Milgard windows are known for.
  • Allow building near an airport, overlooking a freeway, or around environmental noise of almost any kind.
  • Add advanced engineering and high-performance glazing options (such as Milgard EdgeGard™ and our optional EdgeGardMAX™ spacer).
STC Rating Chart


Exterior noise can never be eliminated totally from an interior environment. A sound audit may be necessary to assess the best means for reducing specific, single-source noises.
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