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Narrow Sight Lines to Inspire Design Freedom
Improved Energy Efficiency
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  • 2-Panel Min Max: Min 5'0" by 6'8" Max 8'0" by 6'10"
  • 3-Panel Min Max: Min 9'0" by 6'8" Max 12'0" by 6'10"
  • 4-Panel Min Max: Min 10'0" by 6'8" Max 16'0" by 6'10"
  • U-Value: 0.42


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CAD files

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Download PDF Download DWG

Combinations and Mulling

All Milgard windows and doors are built to your specifications. So while we're showing a few sample combinations, there are literally hundreds of products to combine and ways to combine them. A Milgard Certified Dealer can help you explore the possibilities.


Energy Efficient Technology

The use of thermal barriers in aluminum framed windows vastly improves insulating ability. A thermal barrier is an element placed within the frame to reduce the flow to heat. Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum windows are equipped with this thermal break and as a result, are more energy efficient.

Thermally Improved Skylights

Brighten up dark rooms with a skylight. Add daylight into your projects without compromising wall space and privacy. At night, you can enjoy a view of the stars and catch moonlight. Milgard thermally improved aluminum frame skylights are a quality alternative to plastic skylights for reliable long-life performance.

Customer Reviews for Thermally Improved Aluminum Standard Sliding Doors