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At Milgard, our passion for providing the best windows and doors is driven by our unparalleled customer service. After more than 50 years in the industry, Milgard continues to focus on providing consumers with the best window buying experience. We work closely with our customers to determine the best new home windows, replacement windows or patio doors for their home. Knowledgeable dealers and a wealth of online window information take the guesswork out of buying windows. Milgard has earned BUILDER Magazine's Best Quality Vinyl Window in the Nation eight times. It's no wonder Milgard ranks high in window comparison ratings and earns high marks with best rated vinyl windows, top rated home windows and home window replacement reviews.

We've found that our customers describe the Milgard Window & Door experience best. We have received thousands of window reviews that describe nearly every aspect of the Milgard experience, including products, after-purchase service and dealer interactions. Our window reviewers help their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions. Take a moment to explore the window and door reviews written by our customers. If you are an existing Milgard customer, please write a window review and share your experience with others!

Milgard® Windows & Doors 4.3 5 541 541
This product is very attractive, and workmanship is outstanding. Very impressed with the appearance. We have also cut down on the amount of use of our heater, compared to when we didn't have the windows. Also the added plus is that the outside noise level is cut dramatically. April 6, 2012
This product is the nicest window I've seen. I recommend these quiet, easy sliding, beautiful looking windows to anyone who needs a replacement and doesn't want the window area changed or removed. These fit right into the space where the old windows were. They look terrific! April 6, 2012
Excellent Replacement Windows We replaced our existing wooden windows in our 1987 home with the Tuscany windows and are very happy with them. It's great to have the improved energy efficiency as well as the ease of use. With the inserts these windows nicely replaced the look of our divided windows in our Colonial style home. Cleaning our old windows on the second story was a difficult and dangerous task while with these new windows it's a easy task that we'll no doubt do MUCH more often. They quickly and gently open inward and with the dividers now enclosed inside the glass they're a breeze to clean. April 6, 2012
Look nice But operation is a bit difficult. It needs a lip at the bottom of window as well to better have a grip to pull window up from bottom not part blinds in center to get to it. Also one of ours is not closing well enough to latch and lock. April 6, 2012
Great choice for energy efficiency on a budget! We replaced all 7 window openings in our house with Style Line windows. 2 Horizontal sliders, 4 single hung, and 1 picture window with sliders on each side. My only complaint are the "uneven sightlines", but that is more something that I notice because I know of it. Other people may not notice. I think I would sacrifice a little thin in the non-opening section to have a more uniform look. I definitely don't want the thickness typically found in "builder upgrade" type vinyl window frames. My only complaint on the build quality is a little bit of the silicone was squished out of the corners during manufacturing and I notice it when I look closely. My daughter also plays with them, so that draws my attention as well. It's not massive, but it is there. It seems like something that could have been cleaned off before it dried. The tan vinyl works really well with our bricks. I really love how easy they are to open and not having to worry about latching when they are closed. It gives peace of mind and I also don't have to open the blinds up all the way to close/lock them. We got the argon filled/366 glass and they are so much better than our old aluminum, single pane windows from 1973! We no longer feel that draft several FEET from the windows. Our first full month with them installed, left us with an electric bill with 30% lower usage than the same month in the prior year! These will pay for themselves rather quickly, especially when added home value is considered. I also like Milgard's warranty policy, though hopefully I will not need to use it. April 5, 2012
Love these sliders! We purchased a whole house of Milgard wood clad replacement windows and three sliding glass doors. The sliding glass doors are the highlight. They are beautiful and are made to look like french doors. Sliding glass doors can be so unattractive, and these are beautiful. They slide nicely, and we are extremely happy with them. The only problem with them is that the rollers tend to break easily. They should be made out of a stronger material. The warranty does cover this though. April 5, 2012
Great! Very nice looking and excellent quality. The wood clad windows are so attractive and do the job perfectly. April 5, 2012
We are very happy with the windows. We really do love our windows. They are a major improvement over the metal windows we used to have - no more sweaty window frames and no more cold drafts coming in. As far as the appearance goes, they look very nice. However, I wish there had been more choices in the hardware. The hardware we have looks cheap. I see that now there is a dark bronze color available, which was not available when we purchased our windows. that is what we got on our Milgard slider, and it is really attractive. I would replace all my hardware with the new dark bronze color, but I know it would be way too expensive. We were also disappointed in the color of the inside metal framing. It is a kind of beige color, and it would have been a lot more attractive if it had been available with dark bronze as an option. However, all and all, we love our new windows. The do work well and look nice. April 5, 2012
Operation difficulties and exterior paint issues Operational difficulties - the window comes with a fold-down operator which can easily interfere and mar the interior finish of the window. The operator and operation of the window makes opening of large (3'0"x5'0") casement windows from the fully closed position and to the fully closed position (for latching) forces intensive. It feels at times as if the mechanism will fail or the handle will strip. Experior paint issues - the exterior coating for the fibeglas frame is easily scratched, chipped or scuffed revealing the white fiberglas underneath. We have been unable to get a "touch up kit" to recover these issues. Having these these issues addressed for the next generation of windows would make them superlative. April 3, 2012
It isn't as good as it looks I have found that the screens are cheap and do not properly snug up against the window. They are also difficult to get out and back in in order to clean the windows. April 3, 2012
The Ultra Series windows and Patio door have greatly improved the energy efficiency in my home. The Ultra Series windows and patio door have greatly improved the energy efficiency in my home.These products replaced single glazed aluminum framed windows so there was a noticeble improvemnet in cooling and heating costs as well as improving upon the level of quietness in my home. For the 12 month period post-installation there was almost a 30% decrease in energy consumption in my all electric home. My only criticism is in the quality of the trim work on the exterior frames. I have a brown-tone exterior frame and white interior. Though the interior finishes only have minor flaws, there are several to be found on the exterior, such as excess glue leakage at the joints which dust sticks to and chipped brown tone paint on several windows and on one window about 1/4' gap on a trim piece. Overall I am happy with the windows as my goal was to improve upon the comfort level in my home which these windows have accomplished. April 2, 2012
This product seems to be very good quality. The fit and quality of the windows seems to be very good. The double pane glass has quieted outside noise significantly. This wasn't a goal but a definite plus. Windows open and close with ease. The smart lock is nice, providing a visual and aural clue as to whether the lock has engaged. The look of he windows has helped the curb appeal of the house, updating it nicely. April 2, 2012
Hi quality vinyl window in harsh mountain environment Extreme mountain environment at 9,000' elevation. Excellent insulating & noise abatement properties, Heavy duty frames, blemish free glass, & easy sliding. Value for $$ very good. Highly recommend. April 2, 2012
Product "Great" - Support "Not So Much" The product came as advertised, however there was NO DOCUMENTATION WHATSOEVER! Because I had NO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, I did not know the wood clad interior trim could easily be removed to drill the screw hole for installing... so I drilled through the trim and then had to fill and repaint. Only with the 3rd large window did a trim accidentally come off and I learned it was removable. Several hours wasted. A balancer spring snapped on 1 window, like a rifle shot. I was surprised it did not shatter the window or injure me. This led to the discovery that all the balancer springs were the wrong size and needed replacement. Milgard sent subcontractors to do the work. They missed the 1st appointment time, and did not have the right parts the next 2 times, finally getting it right after about 2.5 months. I am very pleased with the product for the price (I am a licensed building contractor). I would never consider Milgard again if I depended on their service and support. Lack of documentation and unprepared technicians is inexcusable. April 2, 2012
Best windows on the market. My Milgard widows turned out to be the most important and efficient project in my effort to greatly improve my home heating and cooling efficiency, I recommend them to friends and family whenever the topic of re-modeling comes up. Thanks ! April 2, 2012
Excellent product Love my window(s). Will stick with Milgard for future purchases. Fit and function are excellent. Lifetime warranty is great. Factory Service is local. April 2, 2012
Outstanding windows Great window went with the energy package. It's amazing how you can stand by the window with the sun beating down on them and there is no temperature change. The locking system is so simple and effective. By far the greatest investment we have made on our house. April 1, 2012
Great windows. Great value. I was remodeling an older, neglected home and needed to replace all the windows. My contractor suggested Milgard as a possible choice and I started looking into their selection of windows. We were able to find beautiful windows that met our functional needs, our design ideas, and our budget. One week after installation, we noticed one of the windows had a crack in it. While I knew there was a lifetime warranty on my windows, I had no idea it was so easy to use. My contractor made one phone call, and within 7 days everything was as good as new! Needless to say I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend Milgard windows to anyone in the market for new or replacement windows. April 1, 2012
We love our Milgard Ultra Fiberglas Windows!!! We are very glad we had Milgard Ultra Fiberglas windows installed a few years ago. They are easy to open, easy to clean, beautiful, insulate well, and we're looking forward to enjoying them for years to come. The only thing of which I know that I would change is the fuzzy strip on the inside which is white on our white windows and shows grey in places. I'd recommend making that strip medium to dark grey to begin with since it obviously won't be staying white. My parents also had Milgard Ultra Fiberglas windows installed in their house and are enjoying them, as do we when we visit! April 1, 2012
Love the look and fuctionality of these windows. Our energy savings are noticeable, the windows are beautiful, and are very easy to operate. April 1, 2012
Good Purchase We've only had our windows 1 year, buy already appreciate the ease of cleaning and soundproofing they give our home. The patio door is very sturdy. The screen door we had previously was flimsy. The Milgard definitely is not. April 1, 2012
As an expert, I choose Milgard. As a contractor,, I offer numerous brand name vinyl windows. 90% of my sales are Milgard Tuscany. Kudos to a very organized engineering, sales and service company. With this ugly economy, many customers want to drift to a budget window. Bottom line is, are you going to come home every night and say, "I love my windows, or big deal they are only windows"? Everyone sleeps well at night knowing that a quality product was installed. The second part of that, is to have a quality installer. Do it right the first time. April 1, 2012
Great value for the money The windows were easy to install. I installed them myself with no problem. They work well and have improved the environment within our house. The only complaint is the cheesy thin vinyl strips that cover the opening around the edges on the inside of the window; they don't stay stuck to the frame of the window. April 1, 2012
Look and operate nicely New windows for the new home Great accent and great funtionality April 1, 2012
Great Windows! I live in Palm Springs, California, in the desert, where the summer temps are from 100 to 115 degrees for several months. The desert sun is relentless and combined with the heat my air conditioning bills were huge with the 25 year old windows I had before. With the new Milgard windows my air conditioning bill is only a third of what it was. Also the difference in the amount of dust entering the house is amazing. The new windows greatly add to the value, appearance and comfort of the house. I would, and do, highly recommend them as replacement windows. March 31, 2012
High quality product that will last a lifetime. I have used these windows on my previous house exclusively and when we needed windows for our current house, Milgard was my first (and only) choice. They are of the highest quality construction and appearance. They are easy to install. They have excellent thermal and sound properties. March 31, 2012
Just in Time We moved to San Antonio a few years ago from Northern Utah and the summer heat certainly lived up to the reputation of South Texas. In my home office, I sat right beside a window where the mid-morning sun would bake me to a crisp. I didn't want to close the curtains and block the beautiful view, but I had to. In December 2010 we decided we needed new windows and selected Milgard--an easy choice as we were already familiar with their reputation. Luckily Milgard had just opened up the South Texas market. It turned out that 2011 was the hottest and driest year on record in Texas, but with the high energy efficiency of Milgard, our power bills were about the same and only slightly higher in the worst part of the summer. Now I happily sit at my office with the window shades fully open and feel absolutely no temperature difference when the sun shines directly on me. They look great, open and close super-easily and really help out with the power bill. I would recommend Milgard to everybody looking to buy windows. March 31, 2012
Night and Day We bought a 1960's Rambler with the original aluminum single pane windows. In short, they were ugly and we were cold. Milgard windows transformed the appearance of our home overnight and our heating bill was immediately lowered despite colder weather and us turning the thermostat up. The fact that they are made right down the road from our SeaTac-area house scores high points on two counts: the gases used in the interface between the double panes will not leak (same pressure during manufacture AND use) AND made in America. Highly recommend. March 31, 2012
good user friendly windows The windows installed easily, especially considering my husband and I did it ourselves. We installed 12 windows, they work well, are easy to open and clean, and they look nice. They're not high end wood casement windows, but they're not cheap mobile home windows either. They are an upper "middle of the road" window and the tan color looks great with our brown house. The price was good and we also received a sizable tax credit for them. March 31, 2012
great windows I bought 27 windows for my remodel. They were put in by a contractor while I was away. Was bummed with a couple. The corner seams were a little sloppy. Had I noticed before I would have maybe asked for replacements. But overall I like them. March 31, 2012
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