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Whether it's the sirens of a passing fire truck, a neighbor clearing their sidewalk with a leaf blower or a nearby highway, noise pollution is a fact of modern life. But that doesn't mean you simply have to put up with it. You can control how much of that noise actually gets into your home. One way to do that is yet another innovation from Milgard, our sound control window line: Milgard® Quiet Line™ insulated windows.

Poor-performing single-pane windows are a major culprit when it comes to exterior noises making their way into your home. Sound transmits through vibrations that spread out in all directions and penetrate wherever there is air space. Many sound-reducing glazing systems are actually rendered ineffective if air leaks exist around the glass or frame.

Sound Control Window

Milgard's Quiet Line insulated windows put a stop to these leaks to give you the best in sound control performance1, energy efficiency and weather protection. Quiet Line windows let in 30 percent less noise than our already quiet standard windows. Plus they include the same high-quality vinyl compound and attention to detail that all Milgard windows are known for. Quiet Line windows are the perfect solution if you live near an airport, overlook a freeway or face frequent environmental noise of any kind.

Incoming Sound Waves

Our Quiet Line insulated windows add advanced engineering and high-performance glazing options (such as Milgard EdgeGard™ and our optional EdgeGardMAX™ spacer) to the craftsmanship and vinyl materials that have already won Milgard the distinction of being a eight-time winner of Builder magazine's "Hiqhest Quality Vinyl Windows in the Nation." The result is an innovative sound control window we feel is worth making a lot of noise about.

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Exterior noise can never be eliminated totally from an interior environment. A sound audit may be necessary to assess the best means for reducing specific, single-source noises.
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