Positive ActionTM Lock

Window lock, Positive Action Lock™ –
Positive Action Lock

Have you checked your window locks today? Perhaps you should. Approximately 90 percent of all residential break-ins result from windows that are inadvertently left unlocked. That's where another Milgard innovation can really give you peace of mind.

Our Positive Action™ Lock is designed to make it easy to close and lock a window securely in one action. It eliminates any guessing. If the window is closed, it's locked. Period.

The Milgard PAL is an innovative window lock you can count on to perform. In fact, it meets the California forced entry code—one of the toughest residential forced entry codes in the nation. That makes your windows both beautiful and secure.

If you're interested in ease of use and one of the most innovative window designs available, you'll be particularly interested in the exciting new Milgard lock, available on our Tuscany® and Montecito® series premium vinyl windows: the Milgard SmartTouch® Lock. It combines award-winning design with simple one-touch operation.

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