Understanding Noise

Understanding noise reduction and noise reduction windows – Reduce your stress. See how windows can help control noise.

The modern world can be a noisy place. Particularly if you live near a highway. There's also nothing worse than trying to sleep in and having a neighbor start up a leaf blower, lawn mower or gas-powered hedge clippers. Whether your home is in the city or in the suburbs, there are lots of ways noise can invade your space and disrupt your serenity.

Incoming Sound Waves

Windows are one of the biggest culprits in allowing noise to get in your home. Single glass panes and wood window frames are generally the least resistant to noise. Double pane glass can reduce noise by up to 20 percent and well-designed vinyl frames can help reduce it by as much as 50 percent.1

Special noise reduction windows can even further insulate your home from noise. Milgard's® Quiet Line™ Series, for instance, can reduce noise by 30 percent compared to Milgard's other windows.


Exterior noise can never be eliminated totally from an interior environment. A sound audit may be necessary to assess the best means for reducing specific, single-source noises.
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