New Construction Windows

Do you have a dream home in mind? As you build your new house, choosing the right windows will positively impact the enjoyment of your home.

We are committed to being there for you. Milgard offers wood, fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum frames in 10 different window styles custom-made with quality materials and smart design.

We take operational performance and durability seriously. Our SunCoat® Low-E2 Glass gives the added benefit of improved energy savings and reduced UV ray exposure on your carpet and furniture. Our innovative hardware was developed in direct response to consumer need for a seamless ease-of-use experience.

With thirteen locations throughout Canada and the Western U.S., we offer localized support so your window ordering, delivery and installation experience is easy, convenient and reliable. The Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty means you can feel confident in your windows now and for years to come.

How do I choose the right windows?

New construction windows are typically installed during the early stages of construction for a new home, or for a built-from-scratch addition to a home. This installation includes a nail fin which is fastened directly to the frame of the house, requiring access to the frame studs, which is why these windows are typically used in new construction projects, though they can also be used in extensive remodels. Consider what is important to you in terms of style (ex. Single Hung), material (ex. Vinyl) and energy efficiency (ex. ENERGY STAR® rating) and we will help you find an option that fits.


  • Window facing direction
  • Thermal comfort desired
  • Style, color and material
  • The importance of impact protection
  • Sun exposure and sun path
  • Sound isolation
  • Electric or utility company incentives
  • Building code compliance

If you are constructing a new home, you are probably already working with an architect or builder. It is important to consider an industry professional's recommendations and do some additional research too. Your Local Certified Milgard Dealer can also provide recommendations based on your climate, desired architectural style and budget.

We recommend taking the opportunity to view displays in your local dealer's showroom so you can get a better idea of how different windows options will look in your new home.

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