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Building for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Milgard Sustainability

Responsible building and manufacturing is good for everyone. From making sure every individual in our corporate office has a recycling bin to incorporating sustainable practices in our overall manufacturing process, Milgard is committed to reducing our own environmental impact while helping you reduce yours.


Recycling post-consumer and pre-consumer content

  • 97% of vinyl manufacturing scrap goes in a clean waste stream that is recycled for future window frames. The remaining 3% is recycled into other products such as garden hoses.
  • Our Vinyl windows average 15%-10% manufacturer recycled content.
  • Our Fiberglass windows average 25% post-consumer recycled content.

Minimizing Waste

  • Our fiberglass pultrusion process facility has earned ISO 14001 certification, a standard that manages and improves performance in areas such as lower energy usage, waste reduction and increased recycling.
  • Milgard glass waste has decreased to nearly 1/3 of the waste 10 years ago:

Reduce carbon emissions and fuel

  • We have 13 locations throughout the Western U.S. to service our consumers more quickly and reduce our carbon footprint by saving on fuel costs. Most Milgard customers are within 300 miles of our manufacturing and service locations.

green building partnerships and affiliations

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association is the fenestration industry's leading trade association. Through participation in the listed task forces, Milgard is seeking to address critical components in providing consistency in measuring window material contributions to green building.

Task Forces:

  • Vinyl Material Council Environmental Stewardship Committee
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Oversight Committee

The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED v2014 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ is an important certification for recognizing builders for environmental and public health excellence. While building components themselves are not individually certified, they can contribute to the points awarded to a project as a whole. Milgard windows and doors can play an important contributing role in obtaining this green building certification.

Milgard is a participant in the Environments For Living® program and offers windows that meet both the Environments For Living® program and Environments For Living Certified Green™ program requirements.

The Environments For Living program is an initiative of Masco Home Services, Inc., a Masco company. The program was launched in 2001, in response to a growing need for professional services to support regional and national home builders in applying building science and energy-efficient construction practices in the field.

Under the Environments For Living program, Masco Home Services uniquely offers a complete suite of turnkey services for builders. These include pre-construction plan reviews that use industry-standard home-energy analysis software, various inspection services and diagnostic testing utilizing industry-standard authentication tools. Builders can also take advantage of building science training, sales training and marketing assistance. The program also offers homeowner limited guarantees on heating and cooling energy use and comfort.

designing a more energy efficient product

At Milgard, we help consumers like you make an impact on their energy consumption through our energy-efficient windows and patio doors.

Leaky and inefficient windows, skylights and doors account for poor insulation and higher energy usage in households. A lot depends on where you live:

  • Cold climates lose energy in the form of heat
  • Hot climates lose energy in the form of cooling

The good news is the greater your heating or cooling costs, the greater potential you have to save money on energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, upgrading to ENERGY STAR qualified windows can save an average of 7%-15% on annual household energy bills. As of 2014, all Milgard window series meet or exceed ENERGY STAR qualifications.

At Milgard, we conduct thermal simulation to improve efficiency performance in our windows and patio doors so our consumers can save money and reduce energy every day. We work hard to help maximize your energy savings and reduce our own impact through responsible manufacturing practices.

Our windows and patio doors are designed to meet tough thermal and solar requirements. We make it easy to meet green building efficiency standards with a tiered selection of energy-efficient window packages. In fact, Milgard tailors the components of our energy packages to specific climates—perfectly matching the window to your energy needs. All Milgard products meet Energy Star version 6 requirements. Learn about the components of an energy-efficient window. Compare energy packages that help take your Milgard windows and doors one step further.

how you can help

We share your commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Recycle old windows. If you are purchasing replacement windows, call your town’s recycling department to learn if you can recycle your old window frames and glass. Another place to check is your local Building Materials Reuse Center. You can also donate old windows and doors to local nonprofits.

Reuse old windows. Repurposing an old window can be a fun DIY project. You can build a mini greenhouse or create a wall-hanging art piece. We like these ideas from Architecture Art Design.


Take a Look Inside an Eco Home

Thirty-four Tuscany® Series vinyl windows and four Ultra™ Series fiberglass patio doors were installed in this sustainable eco-home. The builders sourced sustainable and recycled materials for minimal environmental impact. The contemporary style residence is a certified Department of Energy Challenge Home, ENERGY STAR® home and Green Built Texas Home.

(The “USGBC” logo is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council, the “AAMA” logo is a registered trademark of the  American Architectural Manufacturers Association, and  the “Environments For Living” logo is registered trademark of Masco Home Services Inc.)

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