Friday September 01, 2017

Fall in Love with Windows & Doors Sweepstakes

#FallinLoveWithWindows Sweepstakes

We ran a sweepstakes to find out which Milgard Series window or patio door you could fall in love with.

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The sweepstakes is now closed. End date September 28, 2017.

One entry per person. See official rules. Entrants must live in one of the following US States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah or Washington.


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Picking milgard windows and

Picking milgard windows and doors for our new home complete remodel. I'm in love with the styles.

I was quite smitten with a

I was quite smitten with a couple of the patio doors you displayed. We have dual sliders out of the back of our house, one off of the great room, and one off of our master bedroom. I hate our current slider doors. Unfortunately, we keep putting more money into up grades here, yet the market hasn't recovered to where it was when we bought the home. We are trying to plan for retirement in the next 7 years or so... and worry that we will never be able to update this place without being so negative equity on it. :( Trying to decide whether to make this place what we really need for retirement or move on and take a loss.

I want all my Windows to be Millguard!

We are replacing 3 windows this Fall, but I wish we could do the entire house at this time! I love the look and functionality of the Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Windows, they glide open and close so easily! My parents used Milgard for their remodel and they will never get another brand for any other windows. Can't wait for them to be installed!!! #FallinLoveWithWindows


I'm remodeling my kitchen and master bathroom; also adding new tile flooring in kitchen, 2 bathrooms, family room and living room. Plus, rewiring of electrical plugs and switches, new light fixtures and ceiling fans...and of course, new windows and a slider door. The only thing that didn't have any problems was, my new Milgard Windows...they are wonderful...I never thought I could Love My Windows and Sliding house is now so cool...I now have far more privacy than I ever had before...I don't have to close my blinds or curtains during the day. Have only turned on my air conditioner for a few minutes each fans are all I need and of course, my new Windows...the installers were fabulous windows are they ONLY thing that I am 100% happy with in my remodeling...Thank you Milgard Windows!! FallinLoveWithWindows...

I like the Style Line because

I like the Style Line because they offer a large unobstructed view, and you can still open them at the bottom. My mother in law has in her living and dining room and I think they're amazing! #FallinLoveWithWindows

Smooth operation

I recently installed a Milgard sliding glass door and am impressed by how easily it went in and especially how smoothly it glides.

Another feature that is of particular interest is that the door's lock can't be engaged unless the door is fully closed. Which means you can't accidentally lock yourself out of your own house. That happened to a friend recently and she was nearly trapped because of the high wall surrounding her patio.

We're planning to replace some of the windows in our home and will be going through Milgard's catalogue soon.


After many years of windows that always had a "fog"(lost the seal between panes) and condensing during the winter months, we were exited with the new Tuscany series windows. The easy of operation of the sliders and the beauty of the profile of the fixed windows really enhanced our home.

Home Owner

Last year I bought and self installed 19 slim line windows in our house. I used a combination of casements, sliders, single hungs and picture windows. I did it over three phases because there was a storage problem if I tried to keep too many windows on site.

I had never installed windows before, but had sold them 30 years before so felt I could learn how to do it correctly. It was a simple and logical process with a few surprises along the way, that I was able to correct or adjust too. I would recommend to any DYI'er to start slow and work your way into the project. I had a blast doing it and was amazed and proud of the results.

Even better, the windows are amazing. The sliders should be called gliders as they floated open and closed with just the pressure from a single finger. We could actually open our windows again! There was another bennefit that we were hoping for but not convinced it would be noticed. The new windows really cut the drafts in the house and both our furnace and AC units hardly ran.

This was a win win win all the way around. Now we are looking for a french door to convert a dining room to an office. Again I am excited about the project. Yahoo!! Thanks for the opportunity to brag on my project!

Bob Henderson
Gresham Or.

#FallinLoveWithWindows love the door

Would fall in love wit the Ultra Series Fiberglass Doors , need something classic and like the fact that the frame expands and contracts, and the option to have them open out leaves me with precious floor space inside the home #FallinLoveWithWindows

Great product and Services

My Milgard windows not only look beautiful but are the most reliable operating Windows I've ever had I've been so impressed with Milgard and their service


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