Friday September 01, 2017

Fall in Love with Windows & Doors Sweepstakes

#FallinLoveWithWindows Sweepstakes

We ran a sweepstakes to find out which Milgard Series window or patio door you could fall in love with.

See all comments below...

The sweepstakes is now closed. End date September 28, 2017.

One entry per person. See official rules. Entrants must live in one of the following US States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah or Washington.


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Tuscany Patio Doors are my favorite

I love your Tuscany Series Patio Doors. I have an existing 14 foot Tuscany patio door with sidelights in our condo and have just ordered 2 more patio doors (an 8' x 8' and a 12' x 8') for our current remodel/build. #FallinLoveWithWindows

New Home = New Doors!!

I recently got engaged and now we are building a new home. I really love the Tuscany Series sliding glass doors. Well, I love the entire series, but our budget will not allow for all my windows and doors to be Milgard. Boo! I would love to add to my new master bedroom the sliding glass door with the blinds in the glass. Is that not every woman's dream?? YES! No more dusting, dealing with bent or discolored blinds, they always look new. HEAVEN! I'm entering the contest so I could possibly get the sliding glass door with the blinds in the glass to put in my master bedroom. That would help to make my dream home even more special. Thanks for considering me. So...#FallinLoveWithWindows...Milgard!


we recently purchased Milgard windows and are very happy with the quality and price. If needed we will purchase Milgard again.

Milgard windows I like

I like the following windows and doors:

Aluminum windows for its slim profile and modern style.
moving glass wall
sliding patio doors

Style line windows

Fall in love with Windows

We are happy with our Tuscany windows and patio door

What a difference in insulating retention, and sound, not to mention appearance.


I love the Milgard Essense series. Currently, I am remodelling a building and need to replace 22 double hung windows. I like the fibreglass exterior and the unfinished wood interior. I also like the fact these double-hung windows can tilt for cleaning.

Tuscany French Door Slider......

We love our Milgard Tuscany sliding French Door with grids so much that we are going to upgrade other windows around the house with the same Tuscany line. We don't even consider other window manufactures because we love, believe in and trust Milgard! Thanks for the great windows! #FallinLoveWithWindows


#FallinLoveWithWindows Montecito Series is my favorite. Currently, we have wood windows in our home, and they do not stand up to climate changes. A vinyl window is much more durable, and I like the maintenance free aspect and the look of the Montecito series window.

Love the Essence series.

Love the Essence series. Perfect combination - wood on the interior and hardy fiberglass. They would work in our home.


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