Tuesday June 20, 2017

GoBe Tiny Home

Planning Out The Tiny Home Design

GoBe Tiny Home was conceptualized and built by David as homage to his grandparents “GoGo” and “BeBe” and to live with the mantra of "go-be" anything you want to be. David describes his project as a journey to smart, simple living.

Growing up, he watched his parents help build the family home and always wanted to live in a house he built himself. "Dealing with the resistance my mind creates when building this tiny home is really interesting and I would say equally as tough as the build."


Selecting Wood Windows For Natural Lighting

The tiny home sits on a rented lot in a wooded area. David designed the 24-by-8 foot home for maximum use of space with a sliding pocket bathroom door and built-in L couch with storage. He didn’t follow a building plan and designed the home himself. 

To make the small space feel expansive, David put in 11-foot ceilings and 6-foot Milgard® Essence Series® wood windows. “Being in a small space, the windows say a lot,” explained David. “I chose Essence Series fiberglass windows because I liked the quality and the color options. I ended up picking Black Bean frames and I like how they look.”

Large windows, a skylight and French Doors bring in plenty of natural lighting. David also made sure to leave wall space for art. He carefully chose materials for durability and beauty, such as exposed redwood and concrete countertops. 


Simple and Comfortable

David wanted the house to be simple, yet comfortable. The home is fully equipped with electricity and running water and a direct vent heater. The stove and hot water runs on propane to reduce power usage.

Ultimately, David wants to expand affordable housing in Santa Cruz, California, an area known for its high cost of living." The community in which I work I noticed a large migrant population with insufficient housing options," said David. “I want to help provide affordable housing for people who need it most. Perhaps this is a way to start.” 

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