Tuesday April 11, 2017

The Latest in Swinging French Patio Doors is Now Available

Have you been longing for a French style patio door that has a colorful exterior and beautiful wood interior? Then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve added new swinging doors to our innovative Essence Series® product line. What’s so special about Essence Series? It incorporates the beauty of a wood interior with the durability of a fiberglass exterior, combining elegance with a high-performance patio door.

Beautiful and Durable

Not only does this new product feature 16 powder coated exterior color options, but there are three wood interior choices as well. You can also stain the interior wood to match your existing furnishings which allows for maximum design flexibility in the color palette.

Wood patio door color options

The new wood patio doors also come with three newly designed handles for superior performance in seven beautiful finishes. From traditional to modern, you’ll love the new handle options.

Essence Series swing door handle options

In-Swing vs. Out-Swing Patio Door

When it’s time to choose an In-swing or Out-swing operating style for your patio door, consider the following:

With Inswing doors, the hinges are located on the inside of your home, so the hardware color will be visible. Some find it easier to direct the airflow as you can open or close the patio door to just the right amount. You’ll need to allow for extra room just inside your home where the door opens so it can swing freely without bumping any furniture, so, if space is tight, you may want to select an Outswing door. 

Inswing wood and fiberglass patio door

Outswing doors have the hinges on the outside, which can create a clean look inside you home. You don’t need to be concerned about the location of your furniture near the door opening because the door will swing outward when you use it. Also, because they push against the frame when shut, some feel they are more secure when it comes to bad weather and strong winds.

Essence Outswing wood and fiberglass patio door

Add more decorative flair with sidelites, grids and textured glass. Both styles come with the Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty that includes parts, labor, and glass breakage coverage for as long as you own your home. 


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