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New Windows that Completely Change the Look of Your Home

While windows often seem like a permanent fixture in a home, there are many reasons you might decide to replace them. From a practical standpoint, your old windows could be drafty, hard to clean, or not very energy efficient. From a visual perspective, you may want the window to be a different frame material, size, color or operate in a new way. To help you make the best window choice, we’ve compiled a few tips and ideas to help guide you through the process. You may even completely change the look of your home! Lets get started.

How are New and Replacement Windows Different?

The main difference between new and replacement windows is the way in which the window is installed. styleline_tranquiltowerwa_03.jpg

  • New windows use a nail fin frame which can be nailed directly into exposed wood studs. 
  • Replacement windows are installed with a flush fin (or Z Bar), used mostly in stucco exteriors or with a block frame, used mainly on brick or homes with siding


These are typically installed when you want to change the shape or size of your home’s window opening, essentially putting in a totally new window, which includes the frame. If you plan on getting new windows, make sure your home’s structure can support the change. It usually involves hiring a professional to do the carpentry, nstallation and check the load bearing structures, as it is a complex job. New windows can completely change the look and feel of your home, by revitalizing not just the outside but the inside as well. 


Replacement windows are a bit simpler. Installing replacement windows entails removing old windows and putting in new ones in it's place. Your replacement windows are custom made to fit the exact size of that existing opening. 

Window Sash and Frame Materials

After you determine if you need new or replacement windows, you should now think about the materials the windows are made of. Some of the most popular materials for windows you find today are fiberglass, wood and vinyl. essence_mercedca_05_cropped.jpg

FIBERGLASS – It is a versatile material used also in the automotive, construction and furniture industries. Fiberglass windows are easy to maintain and offer a better insulation than vinyl or even wood. 

WOOD - Wood is a very beautiful material, with a lot of options for appearance. Wood offers good insulating properties to resist both cold and heat. The natural beauty of wood requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep it looking good, including periodic staining and painting. It will also need to be treated so that it is protected from rot and moisture.

VINYL - Vinyl windows have similar properties to vinyl fencing. Vinyl requires little to no maintenance and it provides great insulation against both hot and cold temperatures. You can find vinyl windows for very reasonable prices.

Aluminum frame windows are also an option, but they are not as energy efficient as vinyl and wood.

Think Outside the Box (or Rectangle)

Your home is defined by 90-degree angles. Everywhere you look, there is a right angle. Even sloped roofs angles create rectangular eaves.Probably the best and easiest way to break up the monotony is to have some unexpected window shapes. They can be fun and playful hints at what lies inside your home. For instance, a circular window often lets viewers know that there’s a bathroom on the other side of it. These unusual windows shapes do more than just give character to the exterior of your home. They can go beyond the home’s intrinsic design. 

Picking Window Glass

The next thing you should do is decide on the type of glass you will be using for your windows. Modern technology has expanded the choices available essence_santarosaca_03.jpgto use as window glass. 

There’s more than just double pane glass, triple pane is also available. For example, you can look at the Quiet Line™ Series Vinyl Windows that deliver excellent noise protection. Have you ever thought that you could live near an airport or a freeway and not be disturbed by the outside noise? Well, you don’t have to live near such noisy places, but if you do, with these windows you can be sure that you’ll have a more peaceful home. 

The number of panes does not make the window more insulated. The real improvement in insulation comes from the air between the glass panes. Many manufacturers place inert gases like argon between the panes, which improves insulation. 


Low-E glass has a microscopically thin, essentially invisible layer of material on the surface of the glass. This surface reduces the amount of heat transfer that flows through the glass.


You accidentally trip and hit a glass window. What does it do? It shatters all over the place—unless you have laminated glass. Laminated glass has an invisible inner plastic layer that is between two pieces of glass. What this means for you is that, if it is broken, the glass fragments adhere to the plastic interlayer rather than falling all over the place. 

Changing the Window Style

Many people change the style of their windows in order to create styleline_greenhomeca_27.jpga new look or design for their home. If your home feels old or dated you might want the windows to modernize it with your choice of frame material. Or, you may want a certain room to have more natural light and a bigger size, or the way the window operates can help achieve that.

Choose Quality Windows

When you choose a window, you also must look at quality not only design. As this is not like a piecestyleline_cornerconceptwa_01.jpg a furniture that you can replace easily. You want to make the best choice for your home, for many years to come. A good window will be easy to use, offer energy savings, and hold up over the years with little maintenance. 

In Conclusion

We know that choosing the perfect window is a process that requires time and research. If you haven’t decided yet regarding your dream window and you are looking for more inspiration, check out the Milgard Photo Gallery.

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Informative article

This is a really informative article. Totally enjoyed it and looking for more such articles to read.

replacing a soccer-shattered window

I need to get my big window in the living room replaced after my daughter accidentally shattered it with a soccer ball, and your tips on choosing glass and frame materials have really helped me visualize what I want in the new window. The low maintenance of a vinyl window frame and sash is very tempting, and because the window is the only one in the living room, it doesn't really matter if it matches the rest of the house or not. As for the glass, I'll definitely have to ask window installers in my area about the Low-E glass you mention and maybe get it installed in my other windows for better energy efficiency.

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