Oct. 31, 2015- Dec. 31, 2016

For as long as you own your home, on MILGARD Products other than QUIETLINE™ Windows and Moving Glass Wall Systems, installed in Canada after November 1, 2015.

Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated (“Milgard”) guarantees to the original consumer purchaser who is a natural person (and not a partnership, corporation, association, governmental agency or other entity) (“Original Purchaser”) of any new Milgard windows, doors or skylights, other than QuietlineTM windows and moving glass wall systems (hereinafter referred to as “Product”) installed in a single family home or a multi-family home unit (“Home”) by the builder as new construction or by the Original Purchaser as a replacement that Milgard will repair or replace any such Product that is defective in materials or workmanship and will pay the costs of all parts and labour. “Original Purchaser” also includes the first owner of each residential condominium or similar unit where a Product is installed, provided that such owner is a natural person, even if the Product is purchased or owned by a condominium or homeowners association. If repair is not commercially practical or cannot timely be made, then Milgard will, at the Original Purchaser’s option, either replace any defective Product or refund the purchase price. Milgard reserves the right to modify or discontinue any Product. For the repair or replacement of any modified or discontinued Product, Milgard will have the right to substitute any current Product or component of equal quality and as similar in appearance as is available. For the repair of exterior painted surfaces that fail other than due to natural weathering, Milgard, at its option, will refinish, at its cost, the exterior painted surface to be similar in appearance to the original exterior surface. 

This Warranty extends to the Original Purchaser of the Product. The Warranty starts on the date of purchase of the Home as new construction or the installation of Milgard windows, doors or skylights in the Home as replacements (“Start Date”) and remains effective as long as the Original Purchaser owns and resides in the Home. In addition, if the Original Purchaser sells the home before ten (10) years has elapsed after the Start Date, Milgard will automatically extend full coverage under this Warranty to the new owner(s) of the Home and to any subsequent owners of the Home, provided any such owner is a natural person, until the tenth (10th) anniversary of the Start Date, subject to the same conditions, limitations and exclusions as apply to the Original Purchaser. 

The full lifetime warranty extends only to Products installed in Home’s located within a 100 kilometer radius of the Milgard certified dealer on the Canadian mainland from whom such Products were purchased (a “Certified Dealer Territory”). The Certified Dealer Territory applies to Vancouver Island, Gabriola Island, Salt Spring Island, Quadra Island, Denman Island, Pender Island, Kuper Island and Thetis Island in their entireties. Any Products installed in a Home located outside of the applicable Certified Dealer Territory have different warranty coverage as follows: Milgard will provide replacement parts with respect to such Products that are defective in materials and workmanship at no charge to the Original Purchaser for a period of five (5) years after Start Date. Labour is excluded from such coverage. 

The following products and services are not covered by Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty and have the different warranty coverage specified below: Milgard will replace any window or door screen frame and mesh that is defective in materials or workmanship at no charge to the Original Purchaser (including parts and labour) for a period of two (2) years after Start Date. Milgard will replace any integrated blind that is defective in materials or workmanship at no charge to the Original Purchaser (including parts and labour) for a period of ten (10) years after Start Date. Milgard will replace the electric motor or basic drive unit of Milgard’s operable skylights that are defective in materials or workmanship at no charge to the Original Purchaser (including parts and labour) for a period of two (2) years after Start Date. Milgard will replace at no charge (parts and/or labour) stainless steel hardware that loses functionality in highly corrosive environments within two (2) years after the date of installation of the windows, doors or skylights as new construction or as replacements.

This Warranty does not cover damage or defects relating to misuse, abuse, minor imperfections in glass that do not affect the Product structural integrity or significantly obscure vision, natural weathering of exterior finishes, acts of nature (e.g., from fire, hurricane, etc.), building settling, structural failures of walls or foundations, improper installation, handling, storage or field mulling, the use of applied tints or films, alterations (including but not limited to customer-applied finishes), normal wear and tear, broken glass**, the failure to properly care for and maintain the Product (see the reverse side of this document for specific care and maintenance instructions or go to www.milgard.com) or condensation (i.e., moisture or ice forming on the surface of the glass or frame), except to the extent caused by failure of the Product. Normal wear, including discoloration, on hardware component finishes is not a defect and is not covered by this Warranty. Loss of functionality of hardware in highly corrosive environments, which includes any Home located within two miles of salt water and any Home located in the State of Hawaii, excluded from coverage. For Product with argon or krypton gas-filled insulating glass, Milgard injects the gas at the time of manufacture. The gradual dissipation of inert gas may occur naturally over time and is not a defect. Other than gas loss due to seal failure, this warranty does not cover the gradual dissipation of inert gas or the amount of inert gas remaining in the Product at any time after manufacture. This Warranty does not apply to any Products that are installed in a Home that has a non-drainable EIFS or DEFS siding Product. Milgard WoodClad™ and Essence Series® fiberglass windows may, as an option, be purchased with unfinished wood interior surfaces that must be finished prior to or immediately after installation. Unfinished wood surfaces that experience water damage at the jobsite or are left unfinished after installation and become stained or damaged will not be considered defective in materials and workmanship and are excluded from coverage under the terms of this Warranty. 


*Subject to the territory exception described in this warranty. **LIMITED COVERAGE FOR GLASS BREAKAGE On Tuscany®, UltraTM, Essence Series®, and WoodCladTM product series only, the Full Lifetime Warranty will extend to glass breakage including tempered glass, unless attributable to acts of nature (e.g. fire, hurricane, etc.), civil disorder, building settling, structural failures of walls or foundations or improper installation, storage, or handling. Specialty glass (e.g. V-Groove, laminated glass and blinds in glass) is not covered by this glass breakage warranty.

To obtain service under this Warranty, contact us at 1-800-Milgard or access Milgard’s website at www.milgard.com.  Please keep this certificate for your files.

Your Milgard windows and patio doors will continue to perform well if given some simple, routine Care and Maintenance Instructions. With proper care, your windows and doors will continue to operate at their best and look great. Milgard’s Warranty (see reverse side or access Milgard’s website at www.milgard.com) does not cover damage or defects related to a failure to follow the Care and Maintenance Instructions below.


Proper care of your window and door glass is important to gain the maximum effectiveness of insulating, low-e or reflective glass. Any of the “Don’t” actions listed below can damage the glass surface or destroy the insulating glass seal. 

Don’t use any petroleum-based cleaners or caustic chemicals on your glass. 

Don’t use a razor blade, abrasive pad or putty knife to clean the glass. 

Don’t use a high-pressure spray nozzle when rinsing your glass after washing. 

Do clean glass with a mild dish soap and water. Rinse completely with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth to avoid water spots. 

Avoid washing glass in direct sunlight for best results. 

Do clean screens by first removing, then washing on a clean, flat surface with a mild soap and water solution using a soft brush. Rinse, dry and reinstall.

Water condensation can occur on your window and door interior surfaces if certain conditions exist. Often it’s a warning to you that excessive moisture exists in your home that may facilitate mold growth. Condensation on interior window surfaces results from higher moisture content in the air contacting lower temperature surfaces on the glass or frames. The higher your home’s interior humidity and the lower the outside air temperature, the more condensation can occur. 

Do check all window sashes for smooth and regular operation. Increase interior home ventilation and air exchange devices if needed. 

Do use your exhaust fans, especially when showering. 

Do consider installing a dehumidifier. Use ceiling fans to improve air circulation. 

Do open windows and doors when practical to allow interior moisture to escape.

As with all painted finishes, natural weathering will occur over extended periods of time. Proper care of your painted surfaces is important in maintaining the luster and color of the finish. Over extended periods of exposure to the elements, Milgard windows may require professional touch up or re-application of the finish. Please consult a painting professional when you are ready to re-apply Milgard Premium Vinyl Finishes. 

Do Use a soft wet brush or absorbent cloth to carefully remove debris stuck to the painted finish. 

Do periodically wash Milgard finishes using warm water, and a mild detergent on a soft absorbent cloth. 

Never use solvents or solvent based cleaners of any kind on Milgard finishes. 

Never use a dry cloth or hard bristle brush to clean Milgard finishes.

Do lubricate the moving parts of window and door hardware if not operating smoothly. Use only a spray silicone product to lubricate moving parts, being careful not to apply excessive amounts. Wipe up any drips or spills. In saltair environments, monthly cleaning and lubrication may be necessary to preserve function (see text of warranty on reverse side for the exclusion of warranty coverage for functionality of hardware in corrosive environments). 

Do inspect weather stripping on operable windows and doors to be sure it seals evenly when closed. 

Do make certain that the track area is kept clean. Frequent vacuuming will clear any accumulated dirt and dust. 

Do adjust sliding door rollers for proper height clearances. Door rollers are adjusted with a screwdriver through access holes in either the end or side of the sliding panel, located near the bottom of the panel. 

Do adjust rolling screen doors to slide smoothly. Use a screwdriver, in all four corners, to make adjustments. 

Do check on the sliding door lock strike placement if you adjust the door rollers. Adjustment is made by loosening screw fasteners, moving strike plate and tightening. Re-check for proper lock operation.

Windows and doors use a simple drainage system or ‘weep’ holes designed in the frame itself. These water drainage pathways must be kept clean and clear of any obstructions to operate effectively. 

It’s normal for water to accumulate in the sill or track area during a period of wind-driven rain. The weep system is designed to allow the water to drain to the outside as water builds up, or outside wind pressure subsides. Clogged weep holes may prevent excess water from draining. Over time standing water can damage your window or door and lead to structural damage from mold, mildew and wood rot if water enters your wall cavities. 

Do keep all sill or track surfaces clean of dirt and debris. 

Do make sure that exterior weep holes are clear of any debris, stucco, sand or other obstructions. 

Do use a small, soft brush (such as an old toothbrush) to clear openings. 

Do regularly inspect the exterior perimeter of your window and door frames for any cracks, or cracks in the adjacent siding material that can cause moisture to penetrate. If a crack appears, seal with a good grade of sealant according to the sealant manufacturer’s instructions.


DO: Clean the frame surfaces with mild soap and water. 

DON’T: Use razor blades, putty knives or abrasive scrub pads. 

DO: Use a commercial glass cleaner or mild soap and water. 

DON’T: Use ANY petroleum-based cleaners or solvents. 

DO: Clean window & door tracks and weep holes. 

DON’T: Use oil-based lubricants or damage weep hole covers/baffles. 

DO: Regularly check weather stripping and hardware performance. 

DON’T: Add films or attachments to the glass. 

DO: Read and understand your Warranty