Milgard Vinyl Windows Help Complete HomeAid Colorado Housing Project

Milgard Vinyl Windows Help Complete HomeAid Colorado Housing Project

Milgard was pleased to partner with HomeAid Colorado on their fourth project together constructed for the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) in Boulder County, Colorado. Five new townhome units were designed and built by William Lyons Home and will be used for homeless families. They all contain Milgard®, new construction, vinyl windows that were selected for both durability and energy efficiency.

The townhome units are operated by EFAA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families in crisis meet their most basic needs of housing, food, clothing and rehabilitation. Milgard is one of many companies that helped make a miracle come true for the families in need who will reside there.

Milgard new construction vinyl windows - durability and energy efficiency.
Vinyl windows for new construction

EFAA reports that homeless families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in Colorado. The main causes stem from the high cost of housing, loss of jobs, a healthcare crisis, or domestic violence. Sometimes, these families are the “working poor”: they hold multiple jobs and get paid a minimum wage, but have no benefits. These families are in need of transitional housing so they can learn the necessary skills to regain self-sufficiency. This is not a permanent home solution. These townhomes serve as a place where families can get back on their feet and get the support they need in a safe environment.

With HomeAid’s efforts to increase the availability and improve the quality of housing for these families, along with EFAA’S expertise and extensive 100-year history in providing needed housing and services to help families regain self- sufficiency, the neighborhood and the community become stronger. “We thank Milgard for seizing the opportunity to join the many members of the building industry and community-at-large for becoming a part of this worthwhile project,” Susan Blen, Stewardship Director for HomeAid America.