Premium Exterior Vinyl Finishes

Now you can have superior, energy efficient, low maintenance vinyl, with more color flexibility. Enhance the look of your home and coordinate with your exterior trim, siding and stucco.

Our premium colors bring out the clean lines and angles of the window frame. Each color suits a neutral look, whether in light and dark variety, and can blend in with the surrounding wall color and create a smooth, contemporary look in your home.

New! Black Capstock exterior finish offers a matching interior and is only available on Trinsic Series. Standard colors of white and tan have a color matched interior. Painted exterior finishes have a white interior only.

Finishes worthy of the Milgard name

Milgard will only put our name on a window if it can live up to our standards. We developed a two-coat formulation that outperforms the competition. In fact, this formulation is so durable it meets the same color and gloss performance standards as our dependable standard vinyl colors.

Some of our competitors’ paint reflects damaging UV rays, which over time can dull, warp and crack the paint. Milgard painted exterior vinyl finishes, on the other hand, are translucent. New coating technology allows UV rays to pass through Milgard paint** so that the vinyl reflects the UV rays. This preserves the exterior color and finish.

Color screens to match your windows

Milgard could have taken the easy route and chosen to paint the screens. Instead, Milgard chose to extrude aluminum that matches our painted exterior vinyl finishes. This makes the color of Milgard screens resistant to wearing out or wearing off over time.



Attractive grids

To give you even more design and style choices, Milgard has created two-tone grids. Like the interior frame, the interior grids are white. The exterior grid colors are carefully selected to enhance the beauty of the exterior frame tone.





Colors shown are approximate. Due to monitor differences, actual colors may vary slightly. Visit a dealer showroom to see actual color.
*Some colors are not available on all vinyl products in all locations. Please see your Milgard Dealer for availability in your area.
**Windows tested had L-values ranging from 31.81 - 34.47.