“The eyes are the window to your soul,” said Shakespeare. Or at least we think he did. Regardless, our eyes are commonly believed to give away our most intimate thoughts without a spoken word. Along with this belief comes “ARCHIWINDOW,”Federico Babina’s most recent architectural illustrations, staunchly stating “the windows are architecture’s eyes,” with 25 iconic architects drawn into their frames.

“I tried to transform a detail as the protagonist to emphasize its expressive capacity,” the Barcelona-based architect and designer writes in a press release , reflecting on these architectural elements as a portal to reveal a building’s story. “A single window can open up a world of information. Allows you to lean out to find clues of the aesthetics stylistic and linguistic of architecture.”

While Babina’s main illustration depicts all of the architects in a metropolis of stacked living spaces, he also made individual posters for each designer for those of you who are more devout to a particular architect.


This article was originally published in ARCHITECT January 2014.