When the doors are open, the great room and patio areas become one large living area, great for entertaining or just relaxing. The home appears larger even when the doors are closed. - La Quinta, CA

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Key benefits

A New Way to Experience Indoor/Outdoor Living
Aspirational Luxury Within Reach for Your Home
Available in Three Effortless Operation Styles

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Custom sizes available for retrofit and replacement patio doors.

1 fixed, 2 operating panels

9' x 8'

10' x 6'8" Retrofit

10' x  8' Retrofit

10' x 8'

12' x 6'8" Retrofit

12' x 8' Retrofit

12' x 8'

12' x 10'

15' x 8'

1 fixed, 3 operating panels

12' x 8'

16' x 8'

16' x 10'

20' x 8'

1 fixed, 5 operating panels

18' x 8'


Architect Technical Resources 

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CAD files

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Download PDF Download DWG
Download PDF Download DWG
Download PDF Download DWG
Download PDF Download DWG


Energy Calculator

The Milgard Energy Calculator provides a quick and easy way to help you select windows and doors that can meet local energy codes and project requirements. This tool gives you the flexibility to select the required ENERGY STAR® zone, u-factor, SHGC or VT, and determine which Milgard window and door products meet the selected requirements. Additional selections can also be made based on product series, operating style, glass type, grids and spacer type.

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Enjoy the very best pairing of functionality and design. Moving Glass Walls open your customers to a sense of obtainable luxury.Choose the highest quality, standard-sized door system on the market, which is renowned for its ease of operation and structural integrity.


Moving Glass Wall System operates smoothly and effortlessly. Despite their larger-than-life size, these doors open and close to bring the outside in, or expand your living space. The secret is the tandem stainless steel ball bearing rollers that are strong enough to carry door panels nearly double the size. It's simply luxury that's easy to use.


Trust in Milgard's long tradition of excellence, which now translates to this newest offering. Enjoy the very best pairing of functionality and design. Our proven history as one of the most trusted names in windows and doors assure that a Milgard Moving Glass Wall System will be installed correctly and function properly.

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