Ultra Series fiberglass casement picture windows
Ultra Series fiberglass casement picture windows

Window & Door Screens

Window and Patio Door Screens

Invite fresh air into your home and with Milgard window and patio door screens. Crafted with aluminum frames and fiberglass mesh, most screens are placed on the exterior of your home, so that you can open and close the window from the inside.


Casement and awning windows will have the screen on the inside so that the window can be cranked open for ventilation. 

Ultra Series 2-panel sliding patio door in Harmony

PureView® Screens


Featuring smaller yarns, the innovative PureView window screen from Milgard blocks less of your vision so your view out the window is clearer and more natural light fills the room. The finer mesh also reduces the appearance of the screen, which makes your home more beautiful, inside and out. 


Options vary by product Series and location. See your Milgard Certified Dealer for more information.


Milgard offers specialty screens designed specifically to ensure seamless use of your windows. These are just a few of our specialty screens. 

  • Thermally Improved Aluminum - Wicket Screen
  • Standard Aluminum - Hinge Screen

Thermally Improved Aluminum - Wicket Screen

A "wicket" is a panel within a screen that provides easy access to the hardware for ventilation operation. Wicket screens are available exclusively for Thermally Improved Aluminum Series casement and awning windows.

Standard Aluminum - Hinge Screen

The Hinge Screen is available for standard Aluminum Series casement windows and operates by swinging into the home so you can access the ventilation hardware. Once the window has been opened, the screen hinges shut.