Cape Cod

Cape Cod Architectural Style

The Cape Cod home style originated in colonial New England and usually is one-and-a-half stories. Frequently, there are dormers. Windows are generally multi-paned, double hung windows with shutters at their sides. The best windows for this architectural style are double hungs, traditional in style, with grids to match the multi-pane look. French swinging or French-style sliding doors are best for patios.

Cape Cod Recommended Windows

Double-Hung and Single-Hung windows offer traditional look and performance for a Cape Cod home. For the Double-Hung window, both top and bottom sashes open, and tilt inward for easy cleaning.

Cape Cod Recommended Doors

French patio doors are a great match for Cape Cod style homes. Double-opening doors allow for greater ventilation while keeping with the traditional style of a Cape Cod home.

Cape Cod Recommended Series

Windows and doors with grids fits perfectly with the Cape Cod Style home and consider vinyl or fiberglass that also gives you exterior color options.

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