White vinyl bay window
White vinyl bay window

Bow & Bay Windows

Perfect for rooms with great views, these windows add architectural flare while maximizing room space and allowing more light.

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Milgard Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and Bay window styles can be used in many different architectural settings. Their dramatic extension from a home adds architectural accent to an exterior wall. Bow and Bay windows can be flanked with casement windows or single hung windows for ventilation and additional light.

A bay window is typically a combination of three windows of varying widths that dramatically extend from your home. Very similar to bow windows, bay windows make a great addition to a kitchen or master bedroom. 

A bow window is very similar to a bay window, except it's generally composed of four or more windows joined at equal angles to form a more even curve. Like a bay window, a bow window makes a great addition to a living room or dining room.

For both bow and bay windows, any of the window panels can be an operating style, such as a casement or single hung. This accentuates the view by dividing it into different planes. It also brings in more light and gives a feeling of spaciousness to a room. You can even consider one of the newest trends, bay windows with French doors for a dramatic look.

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