Replacement windows and doors

Why Replace Your Windows and Doors?

Breathe new life into your home, improve energy efficiency, enhance cub appeal and keep comfort in with the right replacement doors and windows. These retrofit options are easy to install — each window is custom made to fit into the existing opening — and save you time and money.

Replacing your windows or patio doors can help:

  • Raise home value
  • Increase safety and security
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Elevate curb appeal
  • Improve home comfort
  • Block outside noise
  • Spend less on maintenance
  • Reduce dust and allergens

Understanding your project

We have all the helpful tips and details to help you choose the right windows and doors for your home. Follow the links below to learn about specific considerations you should keep in mind for each.

Set a budget

Set a Budget

Replacement window and door costs can range depending on window type, operating style, materials, and labor. 

Keep these factors in mind as you begin shopping for replacement patio doors or windows, and talk to your Milgard Dealer about features and options so you have a better idea of what you can afford.

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Unify your colors and architectural style

consider colors and styles

Unify your interior tones with your home’s exterior colors and architectural style. Whether you live in a modern home or a classic ranch, you can select from a broad range of finishes, colors, and styles for replacement windows and doors.

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Find a contractor for your project

find a contractor

How do you take your ideation and planning into the replacement phase? Enlist the right professional to make the installation process seamless. Your family, friends, local professional organizations or Milgard Certified Dealers may provide recommendations. Before hiring a contractor, request references from previous clients.

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Select your frame material

select frame materials

Choose from three resilient frame materials when selecting replacement patio doors or windows:


Fiberglass is exceptionally strong and durable with a traditional wood profile that’s easy to maintain.


Vinyl replacement windows and doors are affordable, exceptionally energy-efficient, durable, non-corrosive and require little to no maintenance.


Aluminum offers a slim profile with narrow sightlines and low maintenance.

Dive into the details

Get ready to become a window and door expert. Learn all about the different styles, glass types, grid designs and frame materials available for you to choose from.