What sets Milgard apart

Keep comfort in and weather and noise out with new construction windows and doors built for longevity, energy efficiency and expansive views.

When it comes to bringing your new build or new addition to life, where do you start? Milgard makes the process as seamless as possible, providing a 100% trouble-free guarantee with ongoing support, resources, unmatched craftsmanship and industry-leading warranties.

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New construction vs. replacement

New Construction vs. Replacement

Unlike replacement windows, new construction windows require exposure of the home’s studs during the building process. If you’re undergoing a home remodel project, you can use new construction windows and patio doors if your contractor can remove other materials to expose existing studs. Installers can use nail fin frames for new construction patio doors and windows, nailing them directly into the home’s framing.

Milgard designs each new construction window and patio door to your home’s specifications, allowing you to build boldly.

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Set a budget

Determine your Budget

Windows for your new home can range in cost depend on factors like frame material, style, hardware upgrades, and more.

Once you know how many windows and patio doors your new home or addition requires, you can work with your Certified Milgard Dealer to properly budget.

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match your style

Match interior and exterior styles

Harmonize your home’s new construction windows and patio doors with your exterior and interior colors and architectural style, whether you’re building a contemporary beach house on the Pacific coast or a Sante Fe-style home in a desert community. Choose from a range of colors and finishes from the Milgard® series, along with decorative options like grid patterns and hardware styles.

understand frame materials

Understand new construction frame materials

When selecting new construction patio doors and windows, you have several material choices to consider:


Fiberglass is exceptionally strong and durable with a traditional wood profile that’s low maintenance.


Vinyl window and door frames are affordable, energy-efficient and corrosion-resistant. Plus, they require little to no maintenance.


Aluminum is lightweight, offers a slim profile with narrow sightlines and is easy to maintain.


consult a professional

Consult your architect or contractor

If you’re going through the construction process, you likely already have a contractor. Enlist their expertise or that of your architect when selecting windows and doors to ensure you find the best fit for your home’s style, budget and functionality.

If you have questions about installation processes, contact your local Certified Milgard Dealer.

Dive into the details

Get ready to become a window and door expert. Learn all about the different styles, glass types, grid designs and frame materials available for you to choose from.