Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty

Certified Dealers

Milgard Certified Dealers are generally local business owners invested in their communities and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They can help walk you through your project to select the best windows and doors for your home’s architecture as well as your climate and lifestyle. Many offer installation services or can recommend a professional with whom they worked before.



For many homeowners, a contractor is the primary professional handling the window and door project. General Contractors typically oversee and manage a job from start to finish including design, selection, and installation. They may do the work themselves or hire subcontractors for different elements of the job.

Milgard professionals help you plan your projects


For new home construction and larger additions and remodels, you may be using an architect. Architects stay current with the latest trends and codes, and can offer solutions to a variety of issues that come up with regard to a particular site, building limitations, and budget restrictions. They are a great source of information on how windows and patio doors can effectively take advantage of natural light, enhance views, improve design, and increase energy efficiency.


Other Professionals

Depending on the scope of your project, you may need to hire additional subcontractors to help complete your project. These could include carpenters for trim work around the new windows and patio doors, painters for areas that need touching up, designers to offer treatment ideas and electricians to modify or add lighting to your home. Sometimes electricians are needed to move wires in a replacement project.

Ready to consult a professional on your project?


During the Project

Now that you have chosen your new windows and doors, it’s time to begin installation. While replacing or purchasing new construction windows and doors is a fairly significant project, the actual installation is quick and generally requires the least amount of homeowner involvement. When you work with your local Milgard Certified Dealer, you can expect a professional job completion that generally takes just a few hours.

Your Milgard Dealer will work with your schedule to set up the installation of your new windows and doors to minimize disruption of your household.

Before putting in the new windows, your Milgard Dealer will take care of removing your old windows. He is trained to look for any structural or weather related issues when putting in new windows and will alert you if repairs are needed.


After Installation

After the installation, your dealer will clean up any mess and inspect the operation and hardware of the product. No need to worry about disposing of your old windows, your dealer will take care of that for you. Before they leave, make sure you have a copy of all receipts and product labels.

Your Milgard windows and patio doors are covered by industry leading warranties. Because of this, Milgard dealers have a long-lasting relationship with their customers and will act as a resource for any questions that might arise in the future regarding the product.