Planning your project

Home improvement projects are an investment of time and money, so making informed purchasing decisions is vital. Before all that begins though, there are many necessary steps to take in order to effectively plan. Below you will find a variety of resources to help you start your project, select products, understand options,  and more.

Define your Project

Building a new home or replacing existing windows and patio doors? With more than 50 years of experience, you can trust Milgard for a beautiful selection of styles, frames, and materials that can brighten any home.


Window replacement is one of the best ways to improve your home's value, add comfort, and even save on heating and cooling costs. Learn more about replacement windows and patio doors, and what to expect from start to finish. 

New Construction

Do you have a dream home in mind? As you build your new house or expand on your current home, choosing the right windows and patio doors is important. We'll walk you through everything you need to know about windows and patio doors for new construction projects. 

Select your products

Selecting the right windows and patio doors can make all the difference in how your home looks and functions. At Milgard, we strive for excellence in everything we do down to the little details that ensure windows and doors are reliable and secure year after year. 


Selecting the right windows for your project doesn't need to be complicated. With more than 50 years of experience, trust Milgard for a beautiful selection of styles, frames and materials that can brighten any home.

Patio Doors

Let your patio door reflect your personal style. Explore the colors, styles and options Milgard has available for any new home or replacement patio door project. 

Understand Your Options

Learn more about the features and options to consider when selecting your new windows and patio doors. 

Windows 101

Selecting the right windows for your project doesn't need to be complicated. From operating styles down to the decorative details, we'll walk you through the considerations. 

Patio Doors 101

Explore the colors, styles, and options that Milgard has available and prepare to be inspired as you create a beautiful home with patio doors. 

Milgard professionals help you plan your projects

Find the right professional

The process of buying and installing windows and patio doors goes more smoothly when you work with professionals. They will help ensure you order the right products, properly sized to fit and operate flawlessly. Professionals will help you avoid common mistakes that will ultimately save you money and frustration. 

What to Expect

From who's involved to installation and post-project, learn more about what to expect during your project. 

Find a Local Dealer

Dealers are generally local business owners invested in their communities and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They can help walk you through your project to select the best windows and doors for your home’s architecture as well as your climate and lifestyle.

After Your Project

Congratulations on your new windows and doors! You have accomplished a significant project that adds value and enjoyment to your home. Take the time to complete a thorough inspection of your new windows and doors. If you installed energy efficient windows or doors, you may also be eligible for a rebate. 

Register your warranty

Registering your warranty takes just a few minutes and ensures your information is on file. If an issue should arise in the future, it expedites the process of setting up a service call.

Care & Maintenance

Proper care of your Milgard windows and patio doors is important. Fortunately, our vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum products are designed for durability and low maintenance. With just a little routine care and cleaning, you can ensure your windows and doors will continue to perform their best while looking great.