Pocket Doors

Constructed to slide into a “pocket” on the adjoining wall, sliding pocket doors disappear from view when fully open. They’re available in two-, three- and four-panel configurations.


Aluminum pocket doors are “thermally broken,” which means the door frame and glass contain an insulating strip that helps your home maintain a consistent temperature for energy efficiency.

When glass pocket doors are fully open, there’s no evidence that there was a barrier between the interior and exterior. This look truly captures the essence of “bringing the outside in.”

The narrow frame modern pocket doors, create a modern look and even sightlines offer a beautiful design aesthetic you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Double pocket doors, two pocket doors put one after another, can be used to create a fully functional glass wall inside of the home.

Other Considerations



Door grids are a distinctive way to provide a decorative element to the look of your home. Complete your homes architectural style or turn a large open pane into something extraordinary.



Obscure patio door glass helps protect your privacy while allowing generous amounts of light to enter your space. Browse a variety of colors and texture patterns from translucent to semi-opaque.

new construction bifold doors, MILGARD


A comfortable home is so important. To help keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the year, explore the Low-E glass options we offer for patio doors.

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Pocket Glass Door FAQS

What are pocket doors?

A type of patio door, a pocket door is designed to disappear into a wall space when open. Hence the term “pocket.” Sliding glass pocket doors move on rollers to make movability easy and effortless.

How to install pocket doors?

Pocket doors with glass are not recommended to be a DIY project. If you do wish to install these on your own, reach out to a trust window installation company for tips and ensure to follow all manufacturer's instructions to get the door to be square and also protect yourself from injuries.

How do pocket doors work?

While the most common use of these types of doors are exterior pocket doors, they can also be used on the interior of buildings as well. These doors move a set of rollers to give easy movement capabilities to the user. The tracks they sit on are designed to double over on themselves and move every pane of glass one at a time to make the view unobstructed for what you wish to see. 

How much are pocket doors?

Pocket doors themselves can vary greatly in cost depending on the size. However, the installation cost can be more expensive compared to other door systems as these doors are one of the most complicated ones to install.

How to adjust pocket doors?

to adjust pocket doors, you must remove the door Moulding and use a screwdriver to move the parts you wish to have adjusted, because of this is why we do not recommend adjusting pocket doors on your own but rather talk to professional installer, so you do not damage the door itself.