Bi Fold Doors

Bi fold glass doors are large sliding glass doors in which the panels fold in on each other when the door is opened. They are easy to operate with an innovative top-hung design.


The Thermally Broken Aluminum design provides your home with the year-round, energy efficient comfort you’re looking for.

Bringing in great amounts of natural light and fresh air, bi-fold doors have a natural ability to get attention. Whether open or closed, these doors will turn heads.

Available in standard or a custom sizes, aluminum bi-fold doors are strong and built to last.

Other Considerations



Door grids are a distinctive way to provide a decorative element to the look of your home. Complete your homes architectural style or turn a large open pane into something extraordinary.



Obscure patio door glass helps protect your privacy while allowing generous amounts of light to enter your space. Browse a variety of colors and texture patterns from translucent to semi-opaque.



A comfortable home is so important. To help keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the year, explore the Low-E glass options we offer for patio doors.

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Bi-Fold Glass Door FAQS

What are glass bi fold doors?

Modern bi fold doors are a type of patio door. Unlike a sliding patio door, exterior bi fold doors fold in upon itself when open, like an accordion. Custom bi fold doors come in a variety of color and sizes and can fit almost anywhere other sliding doors can go.

How much are bi fold doors?

Bi fold doors range anywhere from $600 to $1,500 depending on the size and other qualifying features like color. Speak to your local Milgard retailer about where to find bi fold doors for sale.

how do bi fold doors work?

Bi fold doors are quite simple to work, simply open the door by pulling on the handle causing it to begin sliding, and the door will fold over onto itself and pulls out of the way to remove the door from blocking the entrance. 

How to install bi fold doors without a track?

Installing a bi fold door without a bottom track is much like installing a simple bedroom closet door, the track will be located at the top of the door frame, to limit tripping hazards and follow every step of the manufacturers instructions to complete the process. The same process will apply to installing double bi fold doors.

Where to put handles on bifold doors?

The handles on a bi fold door will go on the opposite side of which the door will open. If your door will open to the right then the handle will be placed on the far-left panel, on the outside to assist with opening the door.