New construction windows

New Construction Projects

New construction windows are typically installed during the early stages of construction for a new home, or for a built-from-scratch addition to a home. This installation includes a nail fin which is fastened directly to the frame of the house, requiring access to the frame studs, which is why these windows are typically used in new construction projects. If you're building a new home, you are probably already working with an architect or builder. You should talk to them about the strategic placing and use of various kinds of windows to capture the light and energy savings you want. 

new construction window doors, MILGARD

Expert Guidance

Your Local Milgard Dealer can also provide recommendations specific to windows based on your climate, desired architectural style and energy efficiency. It is important to consider an industry professional’s recommendations and do some additional research too.

We suggest taking the opportunity to view displays in your local dealer’s showroom so you can get a better idea of how different window options will look in your new home.