How to Plan for Your Window Installation Project


The big day has finally arrived and you’ve selected and ordered replacement windows. Once you’ve chosen the date, be sure to talk to the installer about what you can expect on installation day. Do they need you to do any prep work before they arrive? Will they take care of everything from hauling the old windows away and clean up? 

Window Installation

Use this handy checklist of questions to ask that can help make your window installation day run as smoothly and efficiently as possible:

1) Do I have to take down curtains or blinds, or do you do that for me?
2) What about the hardware, can that stay up?
3) Do I need to cut back any tree branches or shrubs near the windows that may be in the way?
4) Will you bring drop cloths to protect my home from dust and debris as the old windows are removed?
5) How can we regulate the temperature in the house while installation occurs?
6) Should I move my furniture away from the windows for easier access?
7) What about decorative items near my windows? Will they be safe, or, should I store them temporarily?
8) What if I have a security system with window sensors? Who removes those so they can be reinstalled on the new windows?
9) What should I do with my pets that need to remain indoors?
10) Do I have to clean the area around the old window first?
11) Will you need any access to electrical outlets?
12) Do I need to be home when the installation occurs?
13) Do you haul away the old windows?
14) Who sweeps up my interior and exterior areas after debris falls?
15) Will you register my warranty for me, or, do I need to do that at

We hope this gives you a few suggestions to talk to your window installer about and ensure a successful project. If you have anything to add to this list, we'd love to hear from you. Simply leave your comments below.


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