Friday August 04, 2017

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

As you look at your home, from both the inside and outside views, you may be taking your windows for granted. The windows in your house can actually help set the tone in your design style, in addition to providing protection from the elements and overall comfort. If you are considering a replacement window project, take a minute to review these 4 tips and learn the benefits adding new vinyl windows can bring.

Energy Efficient vinyl windows

1) Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are great when it comes to enjoying a more consistent temperature in your home, year round. If you are hoping your home can be warmer in winter and cooler in the summer months, vinyl, dual pane windows offer energy efficient options you can select based on the state in which you live. Learn more about energy efficient windows

Durable vinyl windows that last

2) Extreme Durability

Milgard produces its own vinyl compound in-house to ensure they are non-corrosive, and perform well in demanding hot and cold climates. Our vinyl windows and patio door frames are also tested for quality and consistency of strength and insulation performance. 

Low-maintenance vinyl windows

3) Virtually Maintenance-Free

Once you’ve installed your vinyl windows, there’s very little maintenance required. A little soap water will keep your vinyl frames looking their best if they get dirty (or if bird droppings occur.) Our exterior vinyl window finishes are developed with proprietary paint formulation that provides you with color that lasts and does not require painting. See all vinyl frame colors

Vinyl windows with a Full Lifetime Warranty

4) Full Lifetime Warranty

Milgard extends a Full Lifetime Warranty on Tuscany® Series, Montecito® Series and Style Line® Series vinyl windows, to the original purchaser. That means that Milgard will repair or replace products that have a defect in materials or workmanship, including the costs of all parts and labor for as long as the purchaser owns their home. 

Comfort, strength and peace of mind are great benefits when considering vinyl windows for your home. For more inspiration, browse our photo gallery to get ideas on window styles and colors and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the home you deserve. 

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Little bit of soapy water

That's great that a little bit of soapy water is enough to clean up vinyl windows. I won't have much time to take care of my home once it is built because I work so much. It'd be nice to have windows that are so easy to maintain.

Vinyl Window is amazing!

Thanks for the interesting read about why vinyl replacement windows can be very beneficial. I liked that you mentioned how vinyl windows can greatly help with having a more consistent temperature to enjoy in one's home. Additionally, they are extremely durable and non-corrosive. I'd be sure to have one installed in our new home so that we can save up from the bills. Having a vinyl windows seems like dreamy since they can almost do what other windows do, only better. I'll ask around with some contractors and seek their advice.

New Windows

I like how you say that vinyl windows will only need some soapy water to keep them clean. I'm not terribly fond of cleaning so that'd be good for me. My husband and I are remodeling the exterior of our house (and some of the interior), and we'd like to switch out our current windows. We'll have to find someone who does window replacement and have them come out and switch them out.

How to find a Milgard Dealer

You can find a Milgard Certified dealer in your area by visiting and typing in your zip code. Good luck on your project.

If you use vinyl windows then

If you use vinyl windows then you can replace them when they broke or you want to replace them.

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