Modern Architectural Style

There is no single style that epitomizes “modern.” However, modern homes tend to feature large picture, casement, awning and horizontal sliding aluminum windows with very slim profiles and very little, if any, ornamentation. These simple, clean lines complement the home's sleek appearance. Narrow-frame vinyl windows and doors offer a way to update windows with greater energy efficiency but maintain the slim profiles of their window frames. Large picture windows over half vents also are popular for allowing air to come through while keeping their full views.

Modern Recommended Windows

While Modern Style homes are varied in how they look and are designed, sliding horizontal windows can almost always be a great choice. The slim profiles and minimal ornamentation can create or continue the clean lines of many modern homes.

Modern Recommended Doors

Sliding doors further the updated, modern look of these style of homes. Narrow frames and low profiles help to ensure these doors are cohesive with the design rather than interupt it.

Modern Recommended Series

Milgard's popular Style Line Series is one of the most flexible and high value windows are perfect for any type of Modern Style home.

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