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Jilliane Flint

Director After-Market Customer Service

Jilliane Flint started at Milgard in 2008 as a Product Supervisor in the Simi Valley manufacturing facility. Later that year, she moved into the role as the Service & Quality Manager. With a background in engineering, she had always leaned towards problem-solving so in June 2014, she transitioned to the Continuous Improvement Manager position. With years of experience in customer service, quality, and continuous improvement she was able to grow and recently moved to the new position as Director of After Market Service in January 2016. When she isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her family of five. She also has a penchant for event planning on special occasions.

What brought you to Milgard, originally? After several years in the plastic packaging industry, I wanted to work for an industry that would provide challenge as well as continued growth.  Milgard provided a unique opportunity to grow my career while enabling me to grow others under a positive and supportive value system.

What is your favorite thing about your job? I love being able to look for new ways to enhance our customers' experience. Whether it is through new technology, systems, or team development, I get to focus on what is the most important part of our company: The customer.

Erin Burwell

Inside Sales Supervisor

Erin Burwell started at Milgard as an Inside Sales Representative for Tacoma in 2012 and was trained from the ground up about windows, doors and the manufacturing process by a team of 20 year industry veterans. After working there for five months, she moved to the Milgard Texas facility where she was able to gain sales and service skills. At this new role, she was helping the Outside Sales teams, warehouse, inventory and drivers, on top of answering all phone calls and managing incoming orders. Her experience grew as she started attending production meetings, budget meetings, and working closely across functional teams to get the manufacturing plant up and running. She was promoted to ISS Supervisor after three years in the manufacturing facility where she continues to train and hire new ISS reps for Texas, and be the point of contact in sales for new product and software launches. When she’s not at Milgard, she enjoys taking road trips and doing fun outdoor activities.

What brought you to Milgard, originally? I had just graduated from College and wanted a full time position with a Company that would allow me to grow and Milgard certainly has fulfilled these opportunities for me.

What is your favorite thing about working at Milgard? The people. I work with an extraordinary team here in Texas and also within the company. Transferring to Texas and managing the inside sales department on my own, forced me out of my comfort zone to talk to several people across all of our locations. I firmly believe in the value of people, the experiences and knowledge that they can bring to the table is essential in learning and maintaining different areas of the company.

Kevin Vilhauer

Engineering Manager - Sustaining, Testing, & Certification

kevin_0.jpgKevin joined Milgard in 2000 as a Design Engineer, where his responsibilities involved several high profile design and R&D projects. Kevin is the thought leader behind the design of three vinyl window operation styles and several fiberglass products, including an Essence Series® wood window model. He currently manages Milgard’s product thermal certification and R&D team. During his time at Milgard, Kevin has obtained 7 patents and is one of the inventors of Milgard’s award-winning SmartTouch® Lock. Kevin has also been involved in the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) for over 10 years and is the current chair for the Condensation Resistance Task Group and Subcommittee. In 2014, Kevin was elected into the 2015 NFRC Board of Directors. Outside work, Kevin enjoys running, bicycling, skiing and attending his kids’ sports events.

How has Milgard added value to your career? Milgard has allowed me to grow in the direction of my passions which has enabled me to get training and experience to be even better at what I do on a daily basis. I was interested in being a leader early on in my career and Milgard had several training programs for pre-managers. I was also interested in leadership with an emphasis on innovation and MASCO, our parent company, had a program that trained me in innovation and how to apply certain principles to projects.

What is your favorite thing about your job? What I enjoy most are the people who work here. We have a fairly lean corporate staff and as engineers, we get involved with every aspect of a project. We assist with Marketing, Manufacturing, Research, Testing and several other areas. We produce a great product and really market it and sell it well. We want to be the best and we want our products to be the best. In addition, customer service is so important and it is not just a cliché here but it is actually shown daily. I swell up with pride when I meet someone who has had a great experience purchasing our products. They always have good things to say about Milgard.


Loretta Goodloe

Director, Corporate Supply Chain

loretta_1.jpgLoretta leads the Corporate Supply Chain department in all aspects of material procurement and supply management. As a service organization, Supply Chain strives for the best possible customer service. Loretta's goal is to establish a solid track record of success in supporting various internal customers and collaborating to deliver high quality windows and doors  to Milgard's external consumers. Outside of work, Loretta loves to read, cook, exercise and spend time with her husband and Doberman Pinscher. She also leads a weekly bible study at a local Senior Citizen Assisted Living Community. 

What brought you to Milgard? I wanted to work for a leading manufacturer with a stellar reputation. I had Milgard windows installed in my home in California a few years ago so I was already a fan of the product. Prior to Milgard, I was working in the electronics industry in California. I moved to Washington to join an organization I believed was strong and offered a great career growth opportunity for me. That decision has proven to be one of the best career decisions I have made. I have an excellent team reporting to me and they make my job easier. I also report to an excellent manager and he makes my job challenging and is a mentor to me.

What is your favorite thing about your job? We have a direct impact on Milgard’s ability to ship products to consumers. It is a high pressure and also high reward job. There are a lot of moving parts in the supply chain and being successful requires a broad range of skills that require my team and I to stretch and be on our toes in support of location production. 


Amith Vangala

ERP - Data and Test Lead

amith_0.jpgAmith started at Milgard as a Data/Business Intelligence Architect in 2010. Currently, he is the Data and Test Lead for the new ERP systems integration, coined ‘Project New Leaf.’ In this role, Amith spearheads all data conversions, Business Intelligence and testing subprojects of the Project New Leaf roll out. Outside of work, Amith loves playing cricket, staying current with technology and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest summers.

What is your favorite aspect about your job? My job gives me the opportunity to work with customers through providing technical solutions to business problems. I have always desired and preferred a service-oriented career as my strength is to work with customers in understanding the requirements and explaining technical solutions that fit the business user’s needs. I love my work as well as the culture, customers and my co-workers at Milgard. 




Chris Beecher

General Manager

chris-1.jpgChris joined Milgard as an Associate Plant Manager in 2006. He is currently the General Manager of Milgard’s Portland location, managing all aspects of the location's business to include sales, finance, human resources, and plant operations with the help of his team. Chris has led Portland in winning numerous recognitions, including the 2012 Milgard Location of the Year, and attributes the Milgard Value Proposition to the heart of location strategy. Outside of work, Chris enjoys riding his bike, watching his family compete in sports and sightseeing in and around Portland with his wife.

What is your favorite thing about your job? The people at our location - they are fun, hard working, and love to succeed. It is great to work with such a wonderful group.

What is your favorite thing about working at Milgard? Being part of a company that believes in taking care of the customer and delivering a superior product while helping people grow.


Matt Slater

Continuous Improvement Manager


Matt started his career with Milgard as a Manufacturing Engineer, contributing to the launching of new products by providing support with equipment and technology. He focuses on reducing operating costs and increasing profitability through improving existing products and processes.  As a result of his outstanding contributions as a Manufacturing Engineer, he was next promoted to the position of Continuous Improvement Manager, supporting continuous improvement initiatives throughout the Company, overseeing Kaizen and Lean events, and identifying and developing training to support our continuous improvement initiatives.  Outside of work, Matt enjoys the sport of ultimate Frisbee. “Not to be confused with disc golf, ultimate frisbee is an intense sport between two teams that involves non-stop running, offensive and defensive plays, and un-paralleled sportsmanship,” he explains. Matt also enjoys playing the guitar, working on shop projects, participating in Milgard’s “Clearly the Best Toastmasters Club,” and learning about science and technology.

What brought you to Milgard? My wife and I moved to Washington from Michigan and I was looking for an engineering job in the area. I got a call from Milgard 3 days after the move and started working 2 days later – it was very cool!

What is your favorite thing about your job? One of my favorite aspects of the position is the opportunity to not only work with the corporate departments but the plants as well. I get to travel to all the locations and meet the folks that make it happen for Milgard. My other favorite part is the technology! I get to use cutting-edge equipment, programs, and ideas for improving products and processes.

Kathy Steiert

Senior Sales Rep - Temecula

Kathy joined Milgard in 2007 as a Senior Sales Representative and has recently returned to this role in 2016. During her tenure, she has worn many “hats” as she transitioned to a Location Marketing Representative and then an Architectural Representative. In 2014, given her successful track record in customer-focused roles, Kathy was asked to join the ERP/CPQ Team as their leader, focused on customer quoting and product management. In that role, she helped created a new, innovative quoting program called CTB Quote Plus, that incorporated Voice of the Customer requests. Her goal was to ensure Milgard would continue to have industry-leading customer service and continue to be seen as a critical trusted advisor. She is thrilled to be back in Southern California on the Sales Team and enjoy continued success with Milgard. Kathy has a degree in Public Relations with an emphasis on business from the University of Southern California. Outside of work, Kathy and her husband enjoys watching their two sons play in weekend basketball tournaments and take family camping, hiking and fishing trips.

What is your favorite thing about working at Milgard?  I don’t have one favorite thing – I have several. I love our focus on customer service, on quality products, and our Full Lifetime Warranty. I’m proud of the products we offer and of the service we provide. Another favorite part of my job is working with our team. We are all committed to Milgard, to our customers, to providing the best products possible and to each other. I feel extremely fortunate. 

What is your favorite thing about your job?  What I enjoy most is collaboration with our internal and external customers. Our team consults with our Dealers, Outside Salespeople and Inside Salespeople to incorporate the “Voice of the Customer” in our new quoting program. Our goal is to ensure we build a product that users want – that has features that salespeople need. We have complete support from corporate and location management.



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