From aesthetics to privacy and sun protection, learn about popular options for glass.

Glass Options

Have you ever thought about your window and patio door glass? You probably have unique needs in every room of your home, depending on the direction your windows face. One side could benefit from sun protection and another may need privacy. Because our windows and patio doors are custom made, you can select different types of glass for each individual window or patio door to address a variety of requirements.

SunCoatMAX® Low-E3 Glass

Milgard SunCoatMAX Low-E glass provides the highest performance of all our Low-E glass products:

  • Increases center glass surface temperature in the winter for comfortable and consistently cozy rooms.
  • Reduces solar heat gain more than two-coat, Low-E glass which keeps your house cooler in the summer.
  • Provides additional protection from UV-A and UV-B rays on fabrics and other furnishings.


Obscure patio door and window glass helps protect your privacy while allowing abundant light to enter the room. A variety of colors and texture patterns are available for a translucent to semi-opaque effect. Obscure glass is perfect for places like bathrooms.
  • Aquatex
  • Clear 42
  • Delta Frost
  • Glue Chip
  • Matelux
  • Narrow Reed
  • P516
  • Rain


Obscure scalloped pattern with less image disruption than #42 Clear. Thickness available: 5/32”.

Clear 42

A rougher obscure scalloped pattern than Aquatex with one side smooth, and one side rough. It distorts the image behind the glass more than Aquatex. Thickness available: 5/32”.

Delta Frost

Delta Frost glass is a patterned glass that can be easily cut and tempered. It has a beautiful, frosted, ice-like design. Thickness available: 5/32”.

Glue Chip

A fine etched pattern glass that is made by pouring an epoxy on the glass and letting it dry in a high humidity environment. The glue is then chipped away, which removes portions of the glass. Thickness available: 3/16”. Also available with a frosted finish. 


An acid-etched glass that combines a satin finish with a neutral, translucent appearance. Matelux creates a minimalist aesthetic that conveys simplicity and purity of form. Thickness available: 5/32”.

Narrow Reed

A directional pattern with clear, slightly raised vertical reed impressions. Thickness available: 5/32”.


Our standard obscure glass which features an orange-peel texture. Thickness available: 5/32".


A directional type of obscure that gives the illusion of water running down the glass, primarily used in shower door applications. Thickness available: 5/32” and 3/16”.


Tinted door and window glass provides additional shading from direct sunlight and warm conditions. It also provides privacy by reducing visible light transmittance to the outside.

  • Low-E2
  • Low-E3
  • Solar Bronze
  • Solar Gray


Milgard SunCoat® Low-E2 Glass comes standard on all dual-pane windows and patio doors. This microscopically thin coating is applied to one side of the glass to reflect heat from its source in the summer, keep heat inside in the winter and reduce harmful UV rays. 


Upgrade to Milgard SunCoatMAX® Low-E3 Glass for the highest performance and a consistent temperature in your home. Helps to protect fabrics, carpets and furnishings.

Solar Bronze

Offers a brown, smoked tint. Designed to reduce solar heat gain.

Solar Gray

Offers a gray, smoked glass designed to reduce solar heat gain.