Green Building Practices

Make Milgard windows and patio doors part of your green building practice

The U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System™ (LEED) is an important certification for recognizing builders for environmental and public health excellence.

Milgard windows and patio doors can play an important role in obtaining this green building certification. By optimizing energy performance, increasing ventilation and using low-emitting materials, paints, coatings and recycled content, the Milgard family of products can boost your LEED rating.

This system encourages the adoption of sustainable green building and development practices, and rewards projects built under these guidelines. While building components themselves are not individually certified, they can contribute to points awarded to a project as a whole.

Learn how Milgard windows and patio doors can help earn LEED v 4 credits for energy & atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality here.

Request for on-site presentation of our AIA continuing education course “Making a Home Greener with Replacement Windows and Patio Doors”, or earn Green Building Certification Inc. credit on the following courses:

  • Daylighting Inside and Out: Unconventional Ways to Bring More Natural Light Into and Throughout a Building
  • Sustainable Design for Windows
  • Using the 7 Principles of Universal Design for Specifying Windows and Glass Doors
  • Sustainability and Window Materials 101: Choosing the Best Window Material to Achieve Sustainability Goals
  • Maximum Daylight & Ventilation

See how Milgard is incorporating sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes.