SmartTouch lock and door handle


Responding to the need for easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain products, Milgard developed the innovative SmartTouch® window lock and door handle. SmartTouch hardware is in the forefront of an important new trend in home design known as "aging in place." With so many baby boomers approaching their senior years, this technology and others are enabling people to live independently in their own homes longer and more comfortably. Milgard is committed to developing innovative products and solutions for this fast-growing market.

SmartTouch® hardware is available on Tuscany® Series and Montecito® Series windows and sliding patio doors, as well as on Essence Series® wood windows.

SmartTouch® Window Lock

Streamlined and Intuitive - The SmartTouch window lock mechanism is incorporated into the window sash for a sleek, low-profile design. It operates effortlessly. One smooth, single motion opens or closes the window, and locks it. No pinching, squeezing or twisting.

Security at a Glance -  SmartTouch offers peace of mind your customers can see. When the handle is down, the window is locked. When the handle is up, the window is unlocked.

Stronger and 25% Better - The lock assembly is made from die-cast zinc so it's not only tough, it's built to last. Using AAMA certification, testing guidelines, independent lab engineers demonstrated that the SmartTouch lock exceeds rigorous California forced-entry codes by 25%. 

SmartTouch® Door Handle

Sleek and Ergonomic - The SmartTouch handle has a sleek, ergonomic design and hidden lock mechanism. A simple one-touch motion unlocks, opens and closes the door, making it accessible and usable for all ages. 

Exceeds Forced-Entry Codes - The SmartTouch handle's lock and grip combination exceeds all California forced-entry requirements, which are among the most rigorous in the nation.


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SmartTouch® Bolt

In 2014, Milgard introduced a secondary lock for patio doors ---  an industry first. The SmartTouch® Bolt is a fully integrated bolt lock that secures the sliding patio door firmly into the frame. It also keeps the door secure in a vented position with its self-locating feature. SmartTouch® Bolt is currently available on Tuscany® Series and Montecito® Series sliding patio doors.

 Milgard's SecurityMAX package includes both the new, innovative SmartTouch® Bolt.with a multi-point locking system. With a single motion of the SmartTouch door handle, four locking points are activated, securing the door in the top frame, bottom track and at the handle. Together, the SmartTouch Bolt and multi-point locking system provide five points of security on the door.*

* Locks are designed to improve security and are not guaranteed to keep intruders out under all circumstances.